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Get out and play!

I think radio has gone down tremendously over time playing really inappropriate things you would never want your kids to listen to. Now the other morning I heard something that was actually the best thing I could have heard in a long time. The radio personality was saying how we were finally going to see sunshine after so many weeks of off and on rain and clouds. He then goes on to suggest that it was the perfect weather for the kids to get out and play. He later corrects himself and says that in fact kids should get off their butts, put the remote down, the gaming controller down and go outside and play something. Kickball, soccer, jump rope, basketball, run, jog...anything to get active! He said that kids these days don't do that any more. It is so true. I am pretty glad that my girls (even at 12 & 14) still LOVE being outside playing volleyball, basketball and whatever else they feel like. You have to beg them to come in some evenings. I think children of today are really missing out on the good stuff. Sometimes as parents we have to get out and play with our children.


  1. My oldest tends towards the couch potato side but my two youngest love the outdoors.

  2. I completely agree! I'm always tellin my kids to go outside and play! I usually finish up what I'm doing on the computer and follow suit. It's fun!


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