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Garden update

Our veggie garden has been planted now for about 2 weeks and I am so impressed with the progress so far. I think everything has gotten about 8-10 times larger than they started out. I wanted so badly to fertilize everything but believe it or not Dwayne won't let me. He tells me that it goes against the whole idea of an organic garden and of course he brings up the fact that way back in the day there was no such thing as fertilizer. Fine, I will let him have it his way. I am hoping that the organic compost will prove to be a natural source of fertilizer and will provide a reasonable crop to harvest. I guess time will tell. I am so impressed with how serious Dwayne is about getting greener! Speaking of greener, look for an upcoming "green giveaway" later this week.
Question: If you planted a food garden, did you use fertilizer?


  1. My plants go into the ground next week and tell Dwayne that they did have fertilizer it just wasn't commercially available.

  2. I am a miracle grow fanatic!!! every 7 days the veggies and flowers get there shots

  3. I wish I had a green thumb..... Would love to see pics of your garden's in progress ;-)

  4. Yay for you..Everything I touch that's green is dommed with a death sentence. But after talking to my neighbors (yes I have finally socialized with them) I said I am going to plant SOMETHING! You have totally inspired me!


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