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Wordless Wednesday

Look at these two! I stole the idea of putting the juicebox in the cup from my friend Tanyetta.
No more squeezing! Thanks Tanyetta and Gracen! :)

Shelly, Mom Files

Getting rid of stuff, maybe

I was perusing through the baby aisle today and was checking out all the neat gadgets and cool things they make for babies/toddlers today. There is something for everything, it's really amazing. I was looking at a few things that I have/had for William that technically we could have easily lived wipes warmer, bottle warmer with cooler attached, infant swing, crib toys and the list goes on. Funny thing is we barely even used that stuff or used them for a very short time! I am considering doing the EBay thing as I have seen a lot of parents do. I guess the idea of all the time it will take to gather, inventory, photograph and list it all makes me not want to do it. I have a whole storage closet under the stairs downstairs filled with baby stuff. Why do I keep it?? I feel like I am not quite ready to part with certain things.

**on another note...I wanted to welcome Tanyetta back to the blog world!

WARNING: Cuteness overload!

Look at little Gracen, Tanyetta's sweet baby. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of her! The shirt is priceless!!

Today is the day!

I am so excited that today is finally the day that my dear friend Tanyetta will have her baby! I am waiting anxiously with my cellphone attached to my body at all times to hear the news. Since she is on Cali time I am forced to wait even longer. I can't wait to welcome baby McKoy to the world! You should check out the sweet letter she wrote to her baby :) This baby will be a part of an awesome family, that's for sure!!
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