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Weekend Randomness

Well the weekend came and went so fast as always. It was rainy for the most part and I was either at home or out shopping for the kids. Little William has outgrown pretty much everything so I had to get some things for him. I have really learned that for every 5 articles of clothing you find for boys there are about 100 for girls! Then for some reason you pay more for boys' clothes. Strange. I was lucky enough to get a few things on clearance for about $3 so I will be happy with that. I had to go buy Chardonnay a semi-formal dress for her 8th grade dance. That took us weeks because nothing seemed to want to fit! She's pretty small so we had to find a dress that was going to be small enough. Ah, the size zero days...miss them dearly ;) I will be sure to snap photos when she is all glammed up in her dress and NO Dwayne is not chaperoning. ha ha!! She told me she would not mind if I went but her dad absolutely was not allowed to go! I told her I would pass on going and let her have her fun. They sure grow up fast. Next stop, High School. I hope you all have a great Monday!!

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  1. He's growing up too fast. I want him to slow down and stay my baby forever. I have issues I know :) I know your daughter will look super cute and can't wait to see photos of her special evening!


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