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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday! I know everyone will think we are completely insane. We just like to have fun! Enjoy the video and be sure to leave your vents in the comments!



  1. You realize that after listening to Dwayne there is nothing to vent about, anything bothering me is gone because he has to be the happiest good natured man on earth his laugh is infectious and ya'll are crazy thank you

  2. I agree with paula. Watching Dwayne, you will laugh away all your vents.

  3. I love watching y'all!

    My only vent is the same as always...hubby's sucky schedule.

  4. And tell Dwayne he is wrong...its quad action. Drape it over your head and its sun protection...ROFL

  5. I agree with Paula. Cannot vent when Dwayne is laughing and whatnot. LOL. I still laugh at baby rent. LOL.


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