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I have not posted for a while now and with good reason. William is officially walking. I really did not talk about it much because honestly I was getting annoyed with being asked about it. He just wasn't ready. According to his pediatrician, I worry too much...walking at 14 months is perfectly normal she says. With having a new walker comes a big job. I can't take my eyes off of him for even a minute! He can't be trusted at all. I am literally running behind him for most of the day. Moments that I can just plop him in the playpen for about a half hour are the best! This kid's energy is non-stop and I am trying my hardest to keep up. I promise to post more often. I would have posted some photos of him walking but it's nearly impossible at this rate when it's just the two of us! I hope you all had a great extended weekend :)


  1. Congratulations! 14 months is no big deal at all. My son didn't start walking regularly until 15 months, then he took off. He was always ahead of the game verbally, and still is. :)

  2. When a child is ready to walk they walk there is no set time, want me to send you a pair of roller blades???? hehehehhe

  3. Go William go...but remember to give your poor mommy a break.

    I got my reusable shopping bags today. Thanks a million!

  4. Jayden isn't walking yet. He doesn't stand up on his own without holding on. He'll do it for a second. Last doctor visit Jay's weight was in the 20th percentile, needless to say I'm over here stuffing him like mad!! Babies will do things when they are ready! Hurray William!!!


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