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Aug 30, 2008


I just wanted to share this fantastic freebie with all my friends. If you have a teenage daughter you will know that this is a staple in her wardrobe. Hey, it's a staple in mine too! You can get a FREE tank top at Wet Seal! This offer is valid through September 16th and is not good on black or white, colors only. Just print out your coupon and take it to your nearest store to redeem it. I printed out 2 of them and we went to Wet Seal this afternoon and used our coupons (separately of course). They even had buy one item one clearance and get a second item for a penny. My girls each got three tank tops and it only cost $3.21! Hopefully they will still have some in stock when you go to get yours. Enjoy!

Aug 29, 2008

Road Ragers

Are you a road rager?
Do you think it is really necessary for people to blow their top because they feel other drivers are not driving up to their standards? I just don't get it. What are you solving by cursing at strangers? Why get your blood boiling over something you can't do anything about? Oh well, just venting over an incident someone was talking about. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Aug 28, 2008

Dwayne Needs Help -Part 2

Check out the program on the new blog. Three posts so far,
1. The Begining ( this is what started it all)
2. The Challenge
3. The program.
Dwayne will need your ideas and input on marketing ideas, promotions, fund raising, and encouragement. Click here for the blog.

Aug 27, 2008

Wordless / Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...

  • you realize you have another boy to clean up after, not just the hubby (my big boy)

  • your hubby is trying to teach your son his bad ways

  • when I think my kid would love the dozens of toys he has and all he wants is a simple washcloth

  • Or when I have been taking care of baby ALL day long and when daddy comes home he wants him and acts like I have been torturing him all day. It's not right!

  • Last one, when you read old posts of your own and realize you had grammatical errors! I would not want to end up on Tanyetta's spot! LOL!!

Aug 26, 2008


Hey , I let my mouth write a check and now I need to cash it . Check out the story here. Now it is time to put up or shut up and you know your boy is up to the challenge. A new son and a new direction. I have a new blog that will include video and all. However, nothing good is done alone. Hit me up and let's change the world.


Aug 25, 2008

4 O'Clock in the morning.. Ramblings

I was just awaken from a dream of the past that I find interesting. I will not bore you with the dream, but I will tell you the conclusion. I discovered from this dream that I can put undue pressure on myself by being overly protective. I tend to shield those I care about from natural processes that they must go through on their journey of life. An example from my dream was my Grandmother. I always saw her as the queen of our family. In my eyes she could do nothing wrong. In our family, I subconsciously assumed the role as head knight. I would defend our family from anyone or anything that threatened our existence. The problem with that is I never gave room for my Grandmother to make a mistake. Through mistakes we learn, through mistakes we grow, through mistakes we develop, and through mistakes we gain wisdom. Many of the battles I fought were unnecessary. Many of my perceived battles were only mistakes on my Grandmothers natural path of learning, growing, and understanding.

I discovered from this dream, that even with my best intentions, I must move out of the way.

Sorry for any grammatical errors - Hey it's 4 in the morning!!


Aug 21, 2008

Back to school today

Well today is the day. The girls are all packed up and shipped off, I mean sent back to school. No matter how old they get I can't resist taking that first day of school photo. They are both especially excited because they are at the same school again. Unfortunately it is just for one year and then I will be split between middle & high school. Here are a couple shots of them all ready for their first day.

Of course Briahnna has to have her signature silly shot.


Aug 20, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when....
  • people that make a reasonable income with no kids complain about their finances. Get a second job!
  • people assume that because you're a stay-at-home mom that you can run all their errands for them in the daytime.
  • you have to share your Milano cookies with your kids. Hey, they have their own snacks..leave mine alone!
  • you get your child's favorite shows theme song gets stuck in your head. Glad High School Musical died down with the kids cause I was going nuts with that one!
  • your husband should be getting ready for work and he's sitting there watching Blue's Clues like it's CNN.
  • when your hubby needs to be pulling the trash bin out to the curb but he's too busy watching Arthur.

It's your turn now... what bugs you? Hit us up in the comments!


Aug 18, 2008

Getting ready for school

The girls head back to school on Thursday so I have been busy busy busy getting school stuff taken care of. We were smart by shopping early to not have to make the last minute dash but there was still registration day, volleyball tryouts, shopping for lunchbox stuff and practicing getting to bed early. As far as the getting to bed early, let's just say mommy and daddy don't have a problem with that. The girls... you should hear all the chatter and laughter going on for 2 hours after they supposedly go down for the night. Makes me remember when my sister and I were that age, we did the same thing. Yeah, my mother always said I would get my share of all what I have done. I get my little doses here and there.

We had to pay fees for the girls at registration. I thought I was stroking a check to pay for tuition to a private school! Can you believe that if your kid takes an honors class that gives you high school credit (if you pass with at least a B average) you have to pay for it? I thought they actually have to earn the credit! I better stop complaining and know that it all goes to a good cause, my kids' education.

I am going to miss those knuckle heads while they are at school. I was so lucky to have 2 extra sets of hands with the baby. Speaking of baby, he weighs almost 20 pounds now! He's in size 4 diapers. The bigger the size, the fewer in the package. Not fun. I know the girls will miss their little brother and he will miss them too.

The hubby has to finish getting my car prepared for my school year job as a chauffeur. You know what, I would not not have it any other way. I love taking the girls to school and picking them up. I love to listen to them telling me all about what happened in school all day. The sweetest thing is they always ask me first how my day was. Okay, now I don't want them to go back~!

Aug 13, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Okay, I have been slacking so here it goes...

Don'tcha hate it when...
  • You make an extravagant meal that took hours to cook and your family enjoys it. Then you make a 1/2 hour meal and the family is raving as if they were eating steak and lobster.
  • Your hubby is actually right. Damn.
  • Your baby boy discovers he has "boy parts". Now I have to look at him and the hubby grab their parts. Not attractive.
  • Your children bring up your faults in front of company. I don't recall ever saying that I was perfect to begin with.

My list could go on but that would make me sound bitter LOL! What bugs you? Hit us up in the comments...


Aug 11, 2008

And the winners are...

We have randomly selected our winners for our 200th post giveaway contest and they are:
Congratulations ladies and we hope you enjoy your coffee! Thanks to everyone that participated.

Aug 8, 2008

Giveaway reminder

Don't forget you have until midnight on August 10th to enter our Starbucks coffee giveaway.

Aug 7, 2008

Bawbi has a new look

The temperatures this week in Columbia, South Carolina have been in the miserable 100's. Actually it has been that way for much of the Summer. This is no fun when you carry around what feels like a fur coat on top of your head. The fur coat I speak of would be my hair. I have been growing it out for about a year now so that I could donate it to Locks of Love. I have always wanted to do it but either my hair was too short, too layered or the one time we had a ponytail incident that messed up my chance to donate it. Let's just say that you should not play pass the ponytail. It could get real messy! Here are some photos of what my hair looked like before:

It sounded like my hair stylist was sawing through my hair! It took an entire minute to cut the ponytail off. There were a few other ladies waiting for their appointment and they all sat there nervously watching me get all my hair hacked off. I was the only one that was happy. Everyone else thought I was nuts.

I knew I had a lot of hair but did not realize it was that much!
After losing about 15 inches, this is the end result:


Aug 6, 2008

Country girls

Today the girls did a very interesting thing that they can certainly say they have never done before. They shelled speckled butter beans. My father-in-law is from the country and he took a trip this past weekend. He came back with a HUGE bag of what I thought were sugar snap peas or something related to them. He said that they were speckled butter beans and that they had to be removed from the pods in order to cook them. Usually he brings them from the Farmers Market all packed in pound sized bags already shelled and cleaned. Let's just say that 2 1/2 hours of manual labor yielded about 1 3/4 pounds of beans. I helped a little until my fingertips were sore. It is kinda fun and the girls enjoyed doing it. We explained to them that a lot of people in the country grow their own produce and have to do all the cleaning and sorting. I thought they would have moaned and groaned and asked why we can't just go to the store to buy some. They really had fun doing it. What they found to be really cool was that the shells that looked all brown and yucky gave you beans of the most gorgeous purple shades. It's great that my kids are content with doing such simple things with no complaints. I guess I could learn a thing or two from them huh?

Aug 2, 2008

200th post giveaway - Guilty pleasures

In honor of our 200th post (yes two hundred posts!), we wanted to do something fun just for the heck of it. We decided to have a drawing for 2 of our readers to win a full size bag of Starbucks Coffee. All you have to do is leave a comment to this post telling us what your guiltiest pleasure is (PG rated! LOL!) If you win, you will be given the choice of whole bean or ground, decaf or regular. Cut-off time for this giveaway is midnight August 10th, 2008 and winners will be randomly drawn and notified. It's that easy! Be sure to tell your friends all about it and good luck!

**Only 1 entry per person. Giveaway is for US residents only.
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