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Word-full Wednesday

I bought this book on clearance about a year ago for William and it only occurred to me yesterday that the Dr. Seuss "I can read all by myself" logo was upside down. I can't figure out if it was a mistake and put on clearance, or if it was made like that on purpose because of what the book is about. Hmmm, they mysteries of life...

Needless to say, William loves this book and enjoys pointing all the wacky things he comes across throughout the day. It is our special Wednesday book and I found it fitting to share today :-)
Shelly, Mom Files

Wordless Wednesday

William was about 10 months in this photo.

Shelly, Mom Files

What kinda Wednesday is this?

So sorry, no Vent Day today because I am taking care of a sick little one. Believe me I had lots to vent about. When you live with Dwayne you could never run out of stuff to say! Today I am running off of about 2 hours of broken sleep. William has a head cold and has decided that he needs to whine all night long. He seems just fine in the day though. I am so lucky that Dwayne really takes the most care of him at night since I have the all-day shift. I have so many little things I want to write about but my brain is not really connecting with my fingers at the moment. Thank goodness for spell check! I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I think I am going to take the girls out so I can sneak by Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up.

Wordless / Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...

  • you realize you have another boy to clean up after, not just the hubby (my big boy)

  • your hubby is trying to teach your son his bad ways

  • when I think my kid would love the dozens of toys he has and all he wants is a simple washcloth

  • Or when I have been taking care of baby ALL day long and when daddy comes home he wants him and acts like I have been torturing him all day. It's not right!

  • Last one, when you read old posts of your own and realize you had grammatical errors! I would not want to end up on Tanyetta's spot! LOL!!
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