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Aug 30, 2008


I just wanted to share this fantastic freebie with all my friends. If you have a teenage daughter you will know that this is a staple in her wardrobe. Hey, it's a staple in mine too! You can get a FREE tank top at Wet Seal! This offer is valid through September 16th and is not good on black or white, colors only. Just print out your coupon and take it to your nearest store to redeem it. I printed out 2 of them and we went to Wet Seal this afternoon and used our coupons (separately of course). They even had buy one item one clearance and get a second item for a penny. My girls each got three tank tops and it only cost $3.21! Hopefully they will still have some in stock when you go to get yours. Enjoy!


  1. That was a very good deal. I love sales. And I love free.

    I hope it isn't over by the time I get there.

  2. now thats less than a gallon of gas - lol
    have a safe day sister

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