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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when....
  • people that make a reasonable income with no kids complain about their finances. Get a second job!
  • people assume that because you're a stay-at-home mom that you can run all their errands for them in the daytime.
  • you have to share your Milano cookies with your kids. Hey, they have their own snacks..leave mine alone!
  • you get your child's favorite shows theme song gets stuck in your head. Glad High School Musical died down with the kids cause I was going nuts with that one!
  • your husband should be getting ready for work and he's sitting there watching Blue's Clues like it's CNN.
  • when your hubby needs to be pulling the trash bin out to the curb but he's too busy watching Arthur.

It's your turn now... what bugs you? Hit us up in the comments!



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  2. hubby & blue's clues... lol.

    And the cookies, umm, I hide mine... they wouldn't last a day at my house otherwise.

    Dontcha hate it when your hubby has all day off and runs some errands in the morning, and then does nothing for rest of day... then after your 9 hour day at work he texts you on your way home and says hey hon, can you stop at the grocery store? wha?!

    or same scenario as above, only you ask him to pick up a child from football practice and he complains he's been running ereands all day and it wouldn't be fair for him to do it, and so you have to rush home so you can make it on time?

    okay, wow, that was lengthy. ha.

  3. What always irked me was when people would assume that just because you don't have any children you're always available to babysit, and if you do agree to babysit, they just ASSUME that if they're late by an hour or 3 it's okay because you have nothing better to do.

  4. Don't you hate it when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People leave a swallow in the milk, juice or ANYTHING in the fridge.

    Just drink it already. Don't leave the ENTIRE container in the fridge for the next person (ME) only to realize there's a SWALLOW left.


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