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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Okay, I have been slacking so here it goes...

Don'tcha hate it when...
  • You make an extravagant meal that took hours to cook and your family enjoys it. Then you make a 1/2 hour meal and the family is raving as if they were eating steak and lobster.
  • Your hubby is actually right. Damn.
  • Your baby boy discovers he has "boy parts". Now I have to look at him and the hubby grab their parts. Not attractive.
  • Your children bring up your faults in front of company. I don't recall ever saying that I was perfect to begin with.

My list could go on but that would make me sound bitter LOL! What bugs you? Hit us up in the comments...



  1. *Findgng their manly parts* LOL!! When my son realized something was down there he never let it go. He pulled and tugged on it like it was made of rubber. I remember those days. Now I can't keep him in clothes to cover them up.

  2. yay... my favorite posts!

    hubby being right?... does that happen? nah

    ...when someone (older lady (like 70ish), I swear she does these things on purpose, that you work with sees you in the morning, and says... wow, you look tired today.

    Umm, I'm sorry, what?

    So many things you want to say back... she's lucky she's too old.

  3. The grabbing of the fun parts, what is it? No matter how much they grab/fix/adjust, it will not
    A. Grow
    B. Go away
    C. Doing the above in public does not make the heart grow fonder,it does not send mobs of crazed fun parts women towards them to cherish said parts

  4. LOL @ the meal part, especially when you take hours to cook a meal and they are just like thanks. Happens a lot too me.

  5. William found his boy parts, already!? Greg points at Jayden's, lol!

  6. LOL @ manly parts. Why do they grab them anyway? LOL.

  7. Ha! I am agreeing with your 3rd one there. My son's hands are always down there. Do their privates change from day to day? Why do they have to do it so often. I can't gripe about the cooking anymore because this lazy mama no longer cooks. Hehehehe....okay so I am ashamed.

    Hmmmm so let's see. Don't you hate it when:

    People hold up lines writing checks to pay for their goods? Grrrr...


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