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Getting ready for school

The girls head back to school on Thursday so I have been busy busy busy getting school stuff taken care of. We were smart by shopping early to not have to make the last minute dash but there was still registration day, volleyball tryouts, shopping for lunchbox stuff and practicing getting to bed early. As far as the getting to bed early, let's just say mommy and daddy don't have a problem with that. The girls... you should hear all the chatter and laughter going on for 2 hours after they supposedly go down for the night. Makes me remember when my sister and I were that age, we did the same thing. Yeah, my mother always said I would get my share of all what I have done. I get my little doses here and there.

We had to pay fees for the girls at registration. I thought I was stroking a check to pay for tuition to a private school! Can you believe that if your kid takes an honors class that gives you high school credit (if you pass with at least a B average) you have to pay for it? I thought they actually have to earn the credit! I better stop complaining and know that it all goes to a good cause, my kids' education.

I am going to miss those knuckle heads while they are at school. I was so lucky to have 2 extra sets of hands with the baby. Speaking of baby, he weighs almost 20 pounds now! He's in size 4 diapers. The bigger the size, the fewer in the package. Not fun. I know the girls will miss their little brother and he will miss them too.

The hubby has to finish getting my car prepared for my school year job as a chauffeur. You know what, I would not not have it any other way. I love taking the girls to school and picking them up. I love to listen to them telling me all about what happened in school all day. The sweetest thing is they always ask me first how my day was. Okay, now I don't want them to go back~!


  1. gurrrll
    we started two weeks ago, a blessing and a curse
    gotta get up at 6 and cook breakfast instead of 9 LOL

  2. School started here about 2 weeks ago and I hate the bus traffic. I miss summer traffic.

    I also adore chunky babies, my son was a chunky one. I always said his thighs looked like a can of busted biscuits. But once he became mobile he slimmed down.

  3. Awwww it sounds so nice going through the whole back-to-school thing, and i'm sure b4 u know it it'll be summer all over again :)

  4. Yeah!!! Back to the grind! They are growing up so fast.

  5. We start school monday- Looks to be an interesting year with a 1st grader and a senior.Your girls are beautiful and what a handsome baby.
    happy new school year-lol

  6. This summer went by fast. Well it did for me. I have to agree with Charlene, it'll be another summer before you know it. Best of luck to the girls.


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