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4 O'Clock in the morning.. Ramblings

I was just awaken from a dream of the past that I find interesting. I will not bore you with the dream, but I will tell you the conclusion. I discovered from this dream that I can put undue pressure on myself by being overly protective. I tend to shield those I care about from natural processes that they must go through on their journey of life. An example from my dream was my Grandmother. I always saw her as the queen of our family. In my eyes she could do nothing wrong. In our family, I subconsciously assumed the role as head knight. I would defend our family from anyone or anything that threatened our existence. The problem with that is I never gave room for my Grandmother to make a mistake. Through mistakes we learn, through mistakes we grow, through mistakes we develop, and through mistakes we gain wisdom. Many of the battles I fought were unnecessary. Many of my perceived battles were only mistakes on my Grandmothers natural path of learning, growing, and understanding.

I discovered from this dream, that even with my best intentions, I must move out of the way.

Sorry for any grammatical errors - Hey it's 4 in the morning!!



  1. what u doing up this late? aint your first day of school lol

  2. what a very interesting dream. i often worry so much about things that i've found it's putting so much pressure on my brain, i can't concentrate sometimes.

    thank you for sharing this.

  3. I know what you mean. I have had to stop myself and walk away b/c I was being over-protective. I feared that what I loved would get harmed or taken away from me. We all have our issues to deal with..don't we.

    We live and we grow and hopefully learn from our mistakes. You'll get better at it b/c your willing to try.

    You know they say...the freaks come out at night. Are you not telling us That's ok, b/c that's normal keeping hours for me ;-)


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