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Wordless / Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...

  • you realize you have another boy to clean up after, not just the hubby (my big boy)

  • your hubby is trying to teach your son his bad ways

  • when I think my kid would love the dozens of toys he has and all he wants is a simple washcloth

  • Or when I have been taking care of baby ALL day long and when daddy comes home he wants him and acts like I have been torturing him all day. It's not right!

  • Last one, when you read old posts of your own and realize you had grammatical errors! I would not want to end up on Tanyetta's spot! LOL!!


  1. Boys will be boys... even the adult ones... I so know what you mean.

    Darling that your baby loves the washcloth so much! So cute!

    The grammatical thing bugs me too... I started having my hubby proof my posts for me.

  2. HaHa! Great post. He's such a sweet baby. Hey! you know how it goes. They see us all day, when daddy comes home, it's time to get WILD and CRAZY! ;)

  3. dontcha hate it when you have trouble keeping up with the blogs you love, you finally check it, and you missed a ton of posts?!

  4. I could copy this post
    word for word!


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