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Why Regular Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens is Important

Commercial kitchens are heavy-use facilities that require serious cleaning to maintain in a safe and hygienic manner. In addition to verifying daily and weekly cleaning operations, other areas need bi-monthly, monthly, and annual attention. Owners, managers, and other individuals responsible for the safe and sanitary conditions of commercial kitchens can accomplish this type of audit with routine walk-throughs of the facility. 


One of the first things that can be crossed off the list is getting a professional commercial hood cleaning in Houston. It is recommended, as part of fire prevention that vent hoods are cleaned at least annually. This can vary depending on cooking frequency, type, and volume or specific local regulations. Take a look at the vent, using a flashlight if necessary, and see how quickly grease builds up between cleanings. Depending on the findings, the hood cleaning schedule may need to be increased or otherwise adjusted.


Areas including freezers, ice machines, walls, and dry storage may not see as much action in terms of the cooking process, but they also need regular cleaning. At least once a month, check these areas not only for visible but hidden dirt. Inspect underneath, on top, and behind shelving and machines for spills and splashes and dust on top of cans, jars, boxes, and ventilation fans. Try to look at the kitchen with a fresh set of eyes to avoid overlooking potential cleaning lapses.


Routine cleaning of the exhaust system filters is another step to prevent kitchen fires. Clean filters are better at keeping the vent hood clean, so it makes sense to ensure this cleaning step is performed properly. Depending on use, these filters should be cleaned at least every two weeks. To check, remove the filters and examine for grease buildup.  As with vent hood cleaning, depending on what is found, the cleaning schedule may need to be adjusted, or it could be time to replace the filters at once. 

A plethora of different activities occurs in commercial kitchens every day. Cleaning is only one of those, but it is no less important. While owners, managers, and other restaurant staff have high-stress and busy jobs, keeping the kitchen safe and sanitary must be a priority. Consider taking the time to assure these tasks are completed properly and in a timely manner, especially restaurant vent hood cleaning New York. In the end, it can not only help with safety and fire prevention but can also contribute to an environment where food-borne illness less likely.


Projects We Tackled In 2019

This past year seems to have gone by so quickly and makes me take time to reflect on things that we accomplished in our household, as well as plan for the upcoming new year. We decided on buying a lot less stuff in 2019, and donated a lot of things that were no longer serving us in a positive way. We made a list of household projects that we wanted to get done, and thankfully we were able to check off those boxes!

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash
We started out with some plumbing repairs which we still have another part to complete. Thankfully we replaced our ancient water heater with a brand new one and got some re-piping done. The plumbing job then led to a bathroom remodel in our hallway bath. We experienced some mishaps during the process, but it’s done and we are planning on the downstairs bathroom remodel. We will take all of the lessons we learned from the first one into the second project.
Rocco is enjoying our cozy new carpet
Another big project that we got done was having our upstairs carpeting replaced. We did our research at a local place that was highly recommended and we couldn’t be happier! It was so nice entertaining over the Thanksgiving holiday with a refreshed-looking home. I really think we will get a new dining room set early next year to replace our 15-year-old set. I was reading an article earlier this year that talked about having a custom table made or refurbished, and then purchasing chairs for your dining table. That might not be a bad idea since our actual table isn’t in bad condition. The chairs aren’t the most comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. It might look nice if we got our table professionally refinished. Then we can spend our time looking for chairs that will suit our taste and needs.

Speaking of dining room, we got a quote for new flooring for the kitchen and dining areas. We just have to come up with what type and finish of flooring we want to go with. I am leaning towards the higher quality vinyl that looks like hardwoods. We have old vinyl now and the thing I like about it is that it’s easy to clean, and if you accidentally drop a cup or plate, it doesn't always break like it would on a hard tile floor. Decisions, decisions.

A couple more things that we also got done was getting our landing replaced at our front door. The wooden planks were getting rickety, so we had them all ripped out and replaced. We just have to get the wood stained once the weather gets warmer. For now we have to look at a two-toned deck, but that's okay. I also got a brand new washing machine to replace my 23-year-old one. Yes, we had it for 23 YEARS! Although my new machine is pretty and modern, I actually miss how the old school type works. Go figure!

I think that we will focus on one new project per quarter as our budget allows. Planning everything out ahead of time has really made it so much easier to get the projects set up and completed. We were super lucky to find good people who offer reasonable prices. Hopefully they will be able to get us on their schedule. Do you have any big home renovations or projects planned for the new year?

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5 Most Popular Water Filtration Technologies For Homes

It doesn’t matter whether your water comes from a well or the main treatment works, you need to be confident that it is clean and safe to drink.

There are many ways in which bacteria can get into the water supply, this is why every home should invest in a water filtration system.  Of course, there are several different types of water filtration device, you’ll need to choose the one that best suits your home and your budget.

Before you invest in any water filter system you should be aware of the different types available and speak to a reputable supplier of water filters Sydney

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
1. Activated Carbon
This is arguably the most popular type of water filter. It is the one you’ll find in jug style filters and the slim containers that bolt into your mains supply line.

Water passes through the activated carbon and sediment, chlorine and VOC’s attach themselves to the carbon. The water that leaves the filter is cleaner and tastes better.
It’s important to note that this type of filter needs to be changed every 2 months.

2. Reverse Osmosis
This type of filter needs to be changed every year but, it is remarkably effective at eliminating nitrates, heavy metals, dissolved salts, and an array of organic and inorganic compounds.

Again, you’ll notice the taste difference and even the color of your water should appear clearer.

Reverse osmosis is also effective if you need to soften your water, which makes it essential in hard water areas.

3. UV Water Filters
A UV filter mimics the sun. UV rays are concentrated on the water, effectively killing any bacteria present. This type of filter can destroy most living organisms but it can’t remove any debris or sediment from your water.

You may prefer to use it in conjunction with a second water filter. You will need to change the filter annually.

4. Chlorine Filter
Chlorine is used by most treatment centers to eradicate bacteria in the water. However, it has also been linked with undesirable effects on your health. For this reason, you may want to use a chlorine filter to cleanse your water. The best one to do this is the carbon filter mentioned earlier.

However, if you source your own water, perhaps through a well on your land, you may want to use a chlorine filter to add chlorine to your water and effectively kill any microorganisms in the water, making it safer to drink.

Of course, you may then want to use a carbon filter to remove the chlorine…
You will need to refill the chlorine when it runs low.

5. Multi-Media Filters
This type of filter is designed to remove contaminants and sediment from your water. Again, it is considered essential if you have your own water supply. It can also be useful if you feel there is too much debris coming down the pipes to your home from the treatment center.

There are different choices of media depending on which types of contaminants you want to focus on.

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Kitchen Updates That Will Make Your Life Easier

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want the time that you spend in there to be simple and convenient. Nobody wants to come home from work and have to struggle to prepare dinner in an inconvenient kitchen. So, if you’re struggling with awkward faucets or sticking drawers, it’s time to make some updates to this all-important room that will definitely make your life a lot easier.

image credit

Adding A Peg Rail
This is a very simple and quick update but it could make an enormous difference to the functionality of your kitchen. Choose a convenient wall on which to install your peg rail, or you may even prefer to fit it onto the edge of your cabinets. You’ll find that the pegs come in extremely useful for hanging up tea towels, washcloths, aprons, and oven mitts. You’ll have all these key essentials to hand so you won’t have to look for them when you’re in a hurry.

Choose A Pedal Bin
No doubt you already have a trash can in your kitchen, however, getting the design right is key to convenience and functionality in your kitchen. If you have an under-counter garbage bin this might be streamlined and fit nicely into the design of your kitchen, however, it isn’t the most convenient option if you have your hands full of trash that needs to be thrown away. Choose a free-standing pedal bin instead which you can operate with your feet, leaving your hands completely free. You’ll be amazed by the difference that it can make.

image credit

Change Your Faucets

One way to make your kitchen more convenient is to think about switching your standard faucet for a hands-free model. How many times have your hands been covered in food or sauce and you’ve had to turn on the faucet leaving a mess everywhere? With a hands-free faucet, you won’t need to worry about this problem. You’ll be able to get the water running through movement alone. Perfect! Check this site to find out more about how to choose the right faucet for you.

Get A Noticeboard
If you find that you’re always forgetting important things in your life, putting up a noticeboard in your kitchen can really help to streamline your life. You can pin up all the important letters you receive, the bills which need to be paid, appointment cards for upcoming meetings or appointments and any other important items that you need to deal with imminently. Never again will you forget about something vital.

Add Some Shelving
If you’re lacking storage in your kitchen, it can be very difficult to keep the room tidy and clutter-free. Nobody wants a kitchen that has items piling up on all the countertops and surfaces, so adding more storage couldn’t be more important. If you have spare space on your kitchen walls, why not install some shelving? You’ll find it a useful place to store items which would otherwise have ended up on your countertops like coffee and tea jars. If you have some free-standing space, why not consider adding a butcher’s block? This will not only give you some additional storage below in the form of drawers, shelves or wire baskets, but it will also give you an extra work surface when there’s a lot going on in your kitchen.
image credit

Add A Utensil Rail

If you’re always having to leave pots and pans bubbling on the stove while you search out a spatula or spoon in the drawer, it’s definitely time to add a utensil rail. By fitting one of these useful rails over your stove, you can hang up all your essential utensils where you can easily reach them. Never again will food burn while you seek out the right utensil to get the job done – everything will be right there in your eyeline!

These simple changes are quick and easy to make but can make your kitchen a more convenient and functional place to work and spend time. By adding a few simple additions and switching a few key items around, you’ll find that you start to love being in the heart of your home!

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Ways To Get Your Home Refreshed For Spring Inside And Out

Today's conversation is sponsored by All opinions are my own as always.

It's that time of year where many of us take on the huge task of deep cleaning, and organizing our homes and living spaces. Spring cleaning is a big deal in our household, and we all map out what areas we will tackle. This usually includes the common areas, kitchen, closets, bathrooms, and our outdoor living areas and yard. I confess, one of my favorite parts of spring cleaning is getting new products to help make the job a little easier. We got pretty lucky when we ended up getting a spring cleaning themed package from BabbleBoxx to help us refresh our spaces for spring.
The first place we tend to start when it comes to spring cleaning is in our front and back yards. We do everything from pulling weeds, trimming hedges, planting new flowers, adding mulch around the trees and garden beds, cutting the grass, and doing the edges. There is nothing like a manicured yard to start the season of spending more time outdoors.

One of the things many of us don't think of until summer hits is what lurks in the back yard. Mosquitoes pop out of nowhere as soon as the temperatures hit 50 degrees. We are already at that point, and have seen little swarms of them in a few spots in our yard. Yikes! Mosquitoes carry the nasty Zika virus that is extremely harmful, even deadly to humans and pets. We got the opportunity to have technicians from Mosquito Joe come to to evaluate our property, and do a barrier spray. Jack and T.J. explained every step of the way how the spray works, what types of spray they use, and any recommendations to keep the mosquitoes away.
They told me it was necessary to concentrate the spray in areas with the most vegetation. Since we live on a pond, they added some mosquito dunks along the perimeter. I was told they cause absolutely no harm to any fish or wildlife. It was simply an aid in mosquito prevention. It was really nice to see the care they took when they got close to the neighbors' yards as well as their pets.
It has been two weeks since we had our yard sprayed and I'm pleased to report minimal mosquito sightings! They recommend a spray every 3 weeks to maximize the effects. Also, you don't have to worry about the rain washing it away. If you experience any problems with mosquitoes after getting your yard treated, they will come back and re-spray at no charge. They aim to please their customers. One nice thing about Mosquito Joe is you do not have to sign any contracts, so you can cancel or halt service at any time. You are able to make payments online with ease. They also offer a referral program which gives you $25 off towards future sprays. We look forward to continuing the service so we can enjoy the outdoors again.

Once we have the outdoors looking nice and neat, we make our way inside. This is where things get real! We tend to start with the smaller spaces like bathrooms, closets, and cabinets. First thing's first, clean out the clutter! If it isn't being used, it either gets donated or packed away for future use. A handy tool to keep track of what you are packing away for storage is the Duck Pack & Track app-based labeling system.

Now you can pack away items and label it with the location, but there's step that makes it even better. You scan the code on the label through the pack & track app (available for Apple & Android devices) so you can add details of the contents by voice or text. Now if you are looking months from now for something specific like computer cords, you can scan the code to see which box has them. We tend to have like a dozen or more boxes at a time with office items, so now this will make it easier to pinpoint the exact box to look in. The eliminates a lot of wasted time looking around, and is an excellent home storage tool. 

Check out this short video to see how it works:

While we're on the subject of decluttering and packing things away, don't forget to replace your scissors. You know, the dull ones that can't cut butter! We all have those. You probably don't even think of replacing them. It's always nice to have super sharp, heavy-duty scissors to cut through those annoying clam shell packaging that some gadgets come in.

We were happy to test out the world's favorite scissors by Westcott. They have different styles for different tasks. The blades are titanium bonded for extra strength, and can cut heavier materials more efficiently. I love the non-stick ones for gift wrapping and crafting. I can't stand for tape or adhesives to get stuck on scissors. All of the Westcott scissors have a comfortable grip, and fit well on hands of any size.

Now that we have battled the clutter, we move on to deep cleaning the places that don't get that everyday attention. You know, places like the baseboards, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, behind your appliances, and the list goes on. The key is to tackle one area at a time. This is where Krud Kutter cleaners come in handy. There is one for the kitchen that works miracles on greasy stove tops, cabinet doors, the sink, countertops, and just about every other surface. Krud Kutter kitchen degreaser is unscented and safe to use around your food prep surfaces. It really gets the job done!

Krud Kutter's heavy duty cleaner is ideal for your baseboards, utility sink, floors, shower walls, and even the hard surfaces on patio furniture. A little goes a long way, so you get a lot of value with either Krud Kutter Cleaner. I even like to spray it directly to my kitchen or bathroom floor for a quick mop job. I love that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs while being bleach-free.

Another easy way to refresh your home is by replacing the shower head in your bathroom. You don't have to go out and spend a fortune on one either. Waterpik shower heads are very affordable and is easy to install in minutes. If you know how to screw in a lightbulb, you can install this shower head.
This Waterpik Power Pulse has a sleek, modern look and has 6 spray settings: powerpulse massage, full body, power spray, full body & powerpulse massage, powerspray powerpulse massage, and water saving trickle. I'm hoping to save a little extra on water costs each month using this new shower head. My son says that he feels like he's in a hotel shower each time he uses it. I have tried it out for myself and love it. I will be buying one for my bathroom soon. It's amazing the difference something as simple as replacing a shower head can make. Find out more about Waterpik shower heads here.

So we have covered just about every part of the house except for one last place-- the kitchen sink to be exact. I am one of those crazy dinosaur people who still hand-washes dishes. It's actually quite relaxing most days, and it's where I do the most thinking. I am always down for trying out anything that will make dishwashing more exciting. I geeked out when I found out I was getting a Scrub Daisy Dishwand System. I've had my eye on it for some time. Look at how cute it is!

This adorable gadget comes with a vase and valet to hold your dishwand and scrubbing heads. The vase suctions down to stay secure at your kitchen sink. It comes with the Daisy, the Sunflower, and the Hyacinth. Each scrub head has special petals and surfaces for specific cleaning needs. The Daisy is perfectly 'bloomed' for multitasking. It's great for your everyday dishware, utensils, coffee mugs, and non-stick pans. The Sunflower is designed to have more scouring power and even has a scraper attached for stubborn food particles. The Hyacinth is so great for getting into those tall water bottles, baby bottles, or slim wine glasses. 
All you have to do is add your favorite dish soap into the dishwand. It is easy to switch scrub heads with a simple twist. I love the fact that you can rinse off your scrub heads and store them on the valet to drip dry. This makes for fresher scrubbers with no odor. The handle is very comfortable to work with, too. You've got to experience the Scrub Daisy for yourself. 
We want to thank BabbleBoxx for the wonderful items that have helped to refresh our home for spring. We hope you will give some of these things a try. Which of these products are you interested in trying? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by today. 
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8 Housewarming Gift Ideas Under $20

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If you are trying to figure what to give someone who is getting a new apartment or house, it can be a challenge. You don't always know a person's specific taste, color schemes or overall style. I like giving and receiving practical gifts that people will actually use. I have put together a list of great ideas that all cost under $20.

1. A cast iron skillet- I say it all the time that every person needs one of these in their kitchen. It's versatile and can be used to saute, fry, broil or bake just about anything savory or sweet. You can even include of of these silicone handle covers

2. Kitchen towels and dish cloths- You can go with neutral colors or even holiday-themed designs depending on what time of year you buy them. Anyone can use kitchen towels and I feel like you can't ever have enough of them. 
3. A baking sheet- If you are buying for someone who bakes and cooks often, this is a must have! My favorite one that I have 2 of is the commercial baker's half sheet size. It's perfect for baking cookies, pastries, fish, chicken, and roasting veggies. I cover mine with foil and parchment for less clean-up. 

4. An automatic soap dispenser- It can be used in either a bathroom or kitchen and is touch-free. 

5. Stemless wine glasses- These are a no-brainer for your wine-loving friends. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. 

6. Wine cork holder- I have one of these and love it! It serves as a cute decoration for any living or dining area. Since they are affordable, you can even grab an inexpensive bottle of wine to go with it. 

7. Glass storage containers- These are a better alternative to the plastic ones and can be used as storage for leftovers or even to take lunch to work or school. 
8. A cutting board set- I love having a few different sized cutting boards for cutting specific items by group. One for meats, one for veggies, and one for fruit. 

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Choose the Best Rice Cooker in the Modern Technology Era

Thanks to modern technology, cooking has become easier and easier, even for people who don’t actually love to cook, but want to eat healthy. One great appliance for cooking nutritious meals is the rice cooker, appreciated by many for the fact that it’s easy to use. There are a couple of requirements every buyer wants to have in its cooking appliance: simplicity, efficiency, quality materials, safety and keeping the nutritional value of their food. You can always find useful recipes on several websites, such as, for example. However, is rice in a Rice Cooker is the best for you?

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

Among the advantages you can find on this Zojirushi appliance you can count the reasonable price, the trendy and stylish design, the multiple functions and the sturdy construction. All together make up an excellent appliance which is particularly useful if you want to cook in a modern and healthy way. You can cook enough rice for one meal, which is 3 cups full of rice.

The machine only weighs 7 pounds, so it’s quite lightweight, but it compensates through a sturdy stainless steel body. Besides the preset menu programs, you can also customize your own program depending on what you want. For example, you can use the quick cooking option if you need to cook something urgently, such as brown rice, porridge, white sushi etc.

All in all, it’s a great rice cooker, durable and portable, suitable for all kinds of needs.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

This model is more suitable for whoever has a large family and needs to cook a lot of rice at once. In this case, a 3-cup rice cooker would prove insufficient, so you should step up the game and head over to a 5 and a half cup one. This is the case with the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 model. Even though it looks round and quite delicate, it is in fact a very powerful machine that works as a computerized device.

There are multiple menu settings available, for example quick cooking, porridge, mixed or white sushi or browning. Moreover, you enjoy an easy to use interface that comes together with an LCD display, digital controls and a panel you can program. There is even a delay timer setting, all for your convenience. The pot holds 1 liter of water, and it measures 14x8x10 inches in size. It weighs 8.5 pounds, so it’s quite manageable.

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Cooked 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

Perhaps the most attractive thing about this Aroma appliance is the fact that it has a competitive price. It’s a lot cheaper than many other rivals on the market, plus it offers an amazing, versatile and durable experience. Many people are also delighted by the fact that it has a one-year warranty. It is quite a massive monster, holding 8 cups of cooked rice at once. The dimensions are 8.5x9.3x8.7 inches.

It weighs 4.2 pounds, so you can say it’s portable and easily manageable. You can cook for the entire family, or approximately 4 persons in one go, so it’s a time saver. Naturally, you have digital control and you can program it for browning, steaming or other basic options for white rice. It has an automatic keep-warm function and a delay timer that works for maximum 15 hours. This is helpful if you want to cook the rice in the morning, but serve it in the evening.

Aroma Housewares Stainless Steel 6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker

We have to admit that Aroma is one of the best competitors on the market, and it’s hard to beat with the price and capacity it offers. The best thing about the Aroma Housewares Stainless Steel 6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker is the fact that it has a surgical-grade cooking pot. It’s not just an ordinary pot, but it’s made of surgical-grade stainless steel 304.
It’s kind of lightweight, with only 4 pounds, which is awesome for its capacity. Though it has a traditional design, it compensates for the one-touch features that simplifies everything. It also brings the automatic keep-warm function that preserves the nutritional value of rice for hours in a row. All in all, this is a must have in every kitchen!

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

The NS-TSC10 model includes Fuzzy Logic technology. It is quite versatile, having a LCD display and digital controls. The best part about it is that it’s customizable, so you can program it as you wish. Of course, it has a stainless steel exterior and a 2 delay time settings, together with the automatic keep warm feature.


My Kitchen Cleaning Must Have Item- Chore Boy Golden Fleece Cloths

Do you have a specific thing you use every day that you can't live without? That is how I feel about my Chore Boy Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths . These scrubbing cloths are unlike any scrubber I have ever used. I cook in stainless steel pots and pans as well as cast iron. The golden fleece cloths work so well to get my cookware super clean. I will put it like this: my cookware sets are 24 and 18 years old, and you would never know it! I cook every day of the week so my pots and pans get a lot of abuse use. The golden fleece cloths are what has kept them in such good shape. I also love using them on my cast iron pans because it cleans the stuck on food without damaging them. I give my worn out scrubbing cloths to my husband so he can use them for his outdoor cleaning projects. These babies get so much use!

I have been using them for over 20 years! Sadly, I have been experiencing issues finding them in my local stores. It seems like no one carries them any more. Last year I found them on, but when I went to place an order last week, they no longer carried them. I looked around on Amazon and found them. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was. Yes, it's that serious to me! When the USPS truck pulled up this morning to drop off my Amazon Prime package, I was internally screaming with joy! I have tried almost every scrubber around and this one can't be beat. I have no idea why they are so hard to find, but glad I can order them on Amazon. I plan to buy up a bulk so I don't run out. I really hope they don't get discontinued, because that would break my homemaking heart.

Have you ever heard of or used these scrubbing cloths before?

This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase anything, I will get a teeny tiny commission. 

I Finally Got Over My Biggest Cooking Fear

I have been cooking since I was about 10 years old. I had a natural passion for it and have not been afraid to experiment or try new things. The one thing I was not able to do was cook in a traditional stove top pressure cooker. The anxiety and fear was too much, so I avoided it at all cost. I wrote a post about it a couple years back and I cringe looking at it.

Fast forward to now. I have seen the whole Instant Pot pressure cooker craze circulating around social media, so I took a look and did some research. I added like 8 different ones from different brands to my wishlist. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever buy one. The fear was too real and I had no idea what an electric pressure cooker would do. Would it be noisy? Will it explode? I had a few blog friends buy one during one of those big Amazon one-day sales and they swore it was the greatest thing ever. One day I was looking on Amazon and decided to jump on the bandwagon take the plunge. After hours of comparing and researching, I settled on the Cuisinart brand. It was on sale for under $70 and roughly $20-30 less than the comparable Instant Pot. I added it to my cart and patiently waited for the delivery. When it arrived, pure joy and fear washed over me at the same time. I did not know what to expect.

I happened to have a chuck roast in the fridge to cook that day so I figured I would try my new pressure cooker out. I watched a couple YouTube videos so I could get a good idea of what to do. I managed to get the roast cooked and something really surprised me. Although I was scared to death the entire time, it turns out that the cooker doesn't make that evil hissing noise while on high pressure. I couldn't believe it! I managed to cooked a perfectly tender pot roast in half the time it would have taken on the stove top and learned I have nothing to fear. I have been missing out on this fabulous kitchen appliance all of this time! As a matter of fact, I've been cooking curry twice a week and it comes out perfect each time!

I have had my pressure cooker for a few months now and use it 3-5 times per week. It quickly became my absolute favorite appliance in the kitchen. Below are the reasons I love my Cuisinart pressure cooker:
  • You can brown, saute, and simmer. 
  • It can be used as a rice cooker and takes only 3 minutes too cook for white/basmati/Jasmine rice. 
  • It has high and low pressure settings with timer.
  • Keep warm feature is perfect for keeping food hot if you're not eating right away
  • I use it even when not using the pressure option
  • Even, fast cooking 
  • You can make soups, stews, curry, chili and more. 
  • Perfect size, not too big or too small
  • Easy to clean with a non-stick pot. Didn't think I'd care for the non-stick surface, but it's really great.
  • Self-locking lid prevents accidents. This helped with my fear
  • The pressure knob can't pop off while cooking. You have to manually jiggle it and pull to get it off. 
  • The texture of food doesn't change like it would using a slow cooker
  • It is SO EASY to use
  • Pretty stainless steel finish that shockingly stays clean 

If you have been thinking about buying an electric pressure cooker or if you are scared to death of them, I highly recommend the Cuisinart CPC-600 6 Quart 1000 Watt Electric Pressure Cooker (Stainless Steel). I am going to purchase a second one so I can use them both at the same time. I know for a fact that this will be the most used appliance in my kitchen. I need to donate my old dinosaur pot now that I think about it.

This cooker would make a great gift for yourself, a wedding, house warming or for the holidays. Trust me, anyone would be thrilled to unwrap this from under the tree! If you are on the fence, you should try this one out. If you decide to purchase one, please let me know. 

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HOT! Get An Iced Tea Maker For Under $20

I have been making my own iced tea at home for as long as I can remember. Living in the south, it's referred to as 'sweet tea', and you may likely get cut if you call it iced like I do. I have a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker that was actually handed down to me a long time ago and it is seeing its last days. The pitcher has cracked and started to leak. Although I can easily order a new pitcher on Amazon, I was lucky to find a brand new unit for only $8.00 more. Check out this great deal for the Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker, Blue. It's under $20 and if you have Prime, you can get free two-day shipping.

I am thrilled that I can replace my old machine and also ordered a replacement pitcher as well (Mr. Coffee TP1-1 2-Quart Replacement Pitcher for TM1, TM1P) . If you are looking for an easy way to make iced/sweet tea, you have to get this! It makes a great gift as well. You can't beat the price and I'm excited about my gift to myself. Mine will arrive on Tuesday **insert the heart-eyed emoji here** This is the BEST way to make sweet tea, so go get one for yourself too!
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