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Feb 26, 2019

Kitchen Updates That Will Make Your Life Easier

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want the time that you spend in there to be simple and convenient. Nobody wants to come home from work and have to struggle to prepare dinner in an inconvenient kitchen. So, if you’re struggling with awkward faucets or sticking drawers, it’s time to make some updates to this all-important room that will definitely make your life a lot easier.

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Adding A Peg Rail
This is a very simple and quick update but it could make an enormous difference to the functionality of your kitchen. Choose a convenient wall on which to install your peg rail, or you may even prefer to fit it onto the edge of your cabinets. You’ll find that the pegs come in extremely useful for hanging up tea towels, washcloths, aprons, and oven mitts. You’ll have all these key essentials to hand so you won’t have to look for them when you’re in a hurry.

Choose A Pedal Bin
No doubt you already have a trash can in your kitchen, however, getting the design right is key to convenience and functionality in your kitchen. If you have an under-counter garbage bin this might be streamlined and fit nicely into the design of your kitchen, however, it isn’t the most convenient option if you have your hands full of trash that needs to be thrown away. Choose a free-standing pedal bin instead which you can operate with your feet, leaving your hands completely free. You’ll be amazed by the difference that it can make.

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Change Your Faucets

One way to make your kitchen more convenient is to think about switching your standard faucet for a hands-free model. How many times have your hands been covered in food or sauce and you’ve had to turn on the faucet leaving a mess everywhere? With a hands-free faucet, you won’t need to worry about this problem. You’ll be able to get the water running through movement alone. Perfect! Check this site to find out more about how to choose the right faucet for you.

Get A Noticeboard
If you find that you’re always forgetting important things in your life, putting up a noticeboard in your kitchen can really help to streamline your life. You can pin up all the important letters you receive, the bills which need to be paid, appointment cards for upcoming meetings or appointments and any other important items that you need to deal with imminently. Never again will you forget about something vital.

Add Some Shelving
If you’re lacking storage in your kitchen, it can be very difficult to keep the room tidy and clutter-free. Nobody wants a kitchen that has items piling up on all the countertops and surfaces, so adding more storage couldn’t be more important. If you have spare space on your kitchen walls, why not install some shelving? You’ll find it a useful place to store items which would otherwise have ended up on your countertops like coffee and tea jars. If you have some free-standing space, why not consider adding a butcher’s block? This will not only give you some additional storage below in the form of drawers, shelves or wire baskets, but it will also give you an extra work surface when there’s a lot going on in your kitchen.
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Add A Utensil Rail

If you’re always having to leave pots and pans bubbling on the stove while you search out a spatula or spoon in the drawer, it’s definitely time to add a utensil rail. By fitting one of these useful rails over your stove, you can hang up all your essential utensils where you can easily reach them. Never again will food burn while you seek out the right utensil to get the job done – everything will be right there in your eyeline!

These simple changes are quick and easy to make but can make your kitchen a more convenient and functional place to work and spend time. By adding a few simple additions and switching a few key items around, you’ll find that you start to love being in the heart of your home!

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