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Why Regular Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens is Important

Commercial kitchens are heavy-use facilities that require serious cleaning to maintain in a safe and hygienic manner. In addition to verifying daily and weekly cleaning operations, other areas need bi-monthly, monthly, and annual attention. Owners, managers, and other individuals responsible for the safe and sanitary conditions of commercial kitchens can accomplish this type of audit with routine walk-throughs of the facility. 


One of the first things that can be crossed off the list is getting a professional commercial hood cleaning in Houston. It is recommended, as part of fire prevention that vent hoods are cleaned at least annually. This can vary depending on cooking frequency, type, and volume or specific local regulations. Take a look at the vent, using a flashlight if necessary, and see how quickly grease builds up between cleanings. Depending on the findings, the hood cleaning schedule may need to be increased or otherwise adjusted.


Areas including freezers, ice machines, walls, and dry storage may not see as much action in terms of the cooking process, but they also need regular cleaning. At least once a month, check these areas not only for visible but hidden dirt. Inspect underneath, on top, and behind shelving and machines for spills and splashes and dust on top of cans, jars, boxes, and ventilation fans. Try to look at the kitchen with a fresh set of eyes to avoid overlooking potential cleaning lapses.


Routine cleaning of the exhaust system filters is another step to prevent kitchen fires. Clean filters are better at keeping the vent hood clean, so it makes sense to ensure this cleaning step is performed properly. Depending on use, these filters should be cleaned at least every two weeks. To check, remove the filters and examine for grease buildup.  As with vent hood cleaning, depending on what is found, the cleaning schedule may need to be adjusted, or it could be time to replace the filters at once. 

A plethora of different activities occurs in commercial kitchens every day. Cleaning is only one of those, but it is no less important. While owners, managers, and other restaurant staff have high-stress and busy jobs, keeping the kitchen safe and sanitary must be a priority. Consider taking the time to assure these tasks are completed properly and in a timely manner, especially restaurant vent hood cleaning New York. In the end, it can not only help with safety and fire prevention but can also contribute to an environment where food-borne illness less likely.


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