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How to Create a Relaxing Environment for Your Home Office

Working from home is ideal for people who don't want to deal with long commutes and expensive parking. However, household life can also provide a lot of distractions and create stress. Making your home office as relaxing and stress-free as possible may increase your overall productivity when working remotely. Here are some tips on creating a relaxing environment for your home office. 

Bring Some Greenery into Your Office

Indoor plants are wonderful additions to any home office: They improve air circulation and make the room feel more alive. Succulents and succulent hybrids have become popular features in office spaces because they are visually appealing and require less care than traditional plants. 

Be sure to research which plants might be best for your office by considering their natural lighting requirements and their maintenance needs.

Add Soothing Aromas

Scents are very effective at evoking specific emotions. Having soothing smells in your home office may help you stay calm and alert as you work. Scented candles are traditionally used for this purpose. However, placing a scent diffuser or an electric wax warmer in your office can provide a soothing fragrance without the need for a flame.

If you are growing tired of one particular scent, don't feel afraid to switch it out. Or, if you start to experience nasal fatigue and you cannot smell the scent anymore, sniff some coffee beans to reset your olfactory system. 

Stay Organized and Clutter-Free

A cluttered office can feel overwhelming and cause more stress in your work environment. Not to mention, searching through piles of papers for the documents you need wastes precious time. Keeping home office furniture clear of clutter and all of your files organized is essential for relaxation and productivity. 

Though it may seem like a hassle, reviewing your files every couple of years to get rid of ones that are no longer useful is incredibly helpful in reducing the possibility of future clutter.

Generate Ambient Noise

Having peace and quiet can be relaxing for some people. For others, it is distracting because it allows the mind to wander. If you are someone who thrives when working in coffee shops and cafes, it may be beneficial to purchase an electronic white noise generator or a tabletop fountain to provide ambient noise in your office.

For many people, background noise is stimulating enough to keep errant thoughts at bay without diverting them from the task at hand. It is certainly worth a try to introduce some soundscapes if you feel that this applies to you. 

Ensure That Your Office Chair Is Ergonomic

There is nothing more disruptive to productivity than an uncomfortable office chair. Discomfort caused by a lack of ergonomic support can be quite distracting by prompting you to shift periodically in an effort to find a more comfortable position.

You may even develop neck and back pain over time from improper sitting postures. For this reason, it is crucial that your chair is designed to promote beneficial sitting habits, eliminating unnecessary pressure from areas of the body that are prone to strain.

The home environment presents its own unique challenges to working efficiently. Creating an office space that is calming to the senses can promote productivity and alertness without resulting in burnout. 


BIC Launches U.S. Program To Recycle Used Pens, Pencils & More The “WRITE” Way

BIC, a world leader in stationery, lighters and shavers, has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle® to offer consumers a free and easy way to recycle their fully-used pens, mechanical pencils, markers and other stationery products and parts of packaging nationwide. As an added incentive, for every shipment of used stationery products collected and sent to TerraCycle through this program, collectors earn points that can be donated to a school or charitable organization of their choice.

“As families spend more time writing, drawing and coloring together, we want to provide them with a responsible way to dispose of their products once they are used. Our collection program with TerraCycle gives consumers a simple way to recycle their writing instruments and art supplies to make a difference in the world,” said Mary Fox, North American General Manager for BIC. “Sustainability has always been at BIC’s core. We are thrilled to expand this program to the U.S. from Europe, where we have successfully recycled an astounding 46 million items.”

Through the BIC® Stationery Recycling Program, consumers can now send in all brands of pens, markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters, glue sticks, watercolor dispensers and paint sets to be recycled for free. The program is also collecting the soft, flexible plastic packaging that some writing instruments are packaged in. Participation is easy: sign up on the TerraCycle program page and mail in the used items using a prepaid shipping label. Once collected, the waste is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that is remolded to make new recycled products. The BIC® Stationery Recycling Program is open to any interested individual, school, office or community organization.

“Through this free recycling program, BIC offers consumers the unique opportunity to learn about the value of recycling products they use every day while learning, playing or working that would otherwise end up in landfill,” said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “We are proud to partner with BIC to offer consumers an easy solution for these typically unrecyclable items.”

This is the latest step BIC has taken on its journey to further enhance the sustainability of its long-lasting products, which are made with the least amount of material, and to minimize its impact on the environment, one of the goals in its 2025 “Writing the Future, Together” program.

BIC and TerraCycle began partnering in 2011 to collect and recycle used stationery products in Europe. A similar program was launched in Australia and New Zealand last year.

The two organizations have also partnered to promote the circular economy by offering BIC products through LOOP, an e-commerce circular economy platform created by TerraCycle aimed at eliminating waste and reducing dependence on packaging.

For more information on TerraCycle’s recycling programs, visit

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How to Give a Good Impression to Clients - Premium Coworking Space Manila

The coworking space in Manila can provide your business with a number of benefits. One of the Philippines international business centers, Manila has a very diverse coworking landscape. It is no wonder that businesses are flocking to this convenient workspace, which provides businesses with the chance to lease comfortable, affordable workspace.

The spaces have become more than a trend because they provide a platform for social interaction. Business relationships flourish in an office that is fluid space providing businesses workspace and space to collaborate. Premium coworking space in Manila, Philippines can also be a platform for impressing fickle clients.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can impress clients in your coworking space.

Work In A Prestigious Location

The first way the coworking space can make an impressive impression on your clients is through location. Typically, offices in affluent areas, especially in the CBD, hold a certain prestige. Their reputations precede them, so being located in any one of the offices makes a statement about the overall businesses.

Unfortunately, for many start-ups and smaller business, the cost to lease space in these locations can be very expensive. However, the coworking space can provide your business with access to these locations because it costs less to lease workspace in one of these communities. You can rest assured the address will speak volumes to the world that you are a class act.

Stay Organized

More than working in a professional fit out, coworking professionals want to stay organized. Depending on the workspace you lease, you might have the chance to have storage space or desk space. In the chance that you choose the hot desk, professionals need to create an organizational plan to remain on top of things.

For one, ditch that filing cabinet and consider moving hard copy files to electronic storage. Online record-keeping and book-keeping apps and software make it easy and efficient to stay abreast of the books. If your clients ever need information, this information can be accessed from any device—if stored online.

Use New Tools

Again, new tools that can make work more efficient and make your day productive is very impressive to clients. For one, it shows that your business stays current with the latest technologies. Then, it also speaks to your commitment to stay abreast of changes within your industry.

More than just your standard office tools for business, consider purchasing technologies related to taking care of everyday tasks easily. Software that keeps track of records while syncing information is always relevant in today’s business. Apps that can keep you abreast of information related to a certain industry is also good. New gadgets that can make work more efficient hasten productivity and leave clients with the impression that you have made the effort to be connected to the current business environment.

Use The Conference Rooms

If you want to really make an impression, join a space that gives you access to conference rooms. These rooms usually are equipped with the latest technologies, and if you need to make a presentation, the comfortable seating and world-class fit out can be very impressive to clients. Video-conferencing capabilities can help you hold meetings when everyone cannot be in attendance. Ultimately, meeting in corporate space can have a lasting impression on clients, and in some cases, can be a deal breaker, as coffee house meeting offers little versatility.

Making A Lasting Impression

After meetings or presentations, consider giving your clients a follow-up call or card thanking them for their time. When they receive your message, they will instantly remember you, your office, and the fantastic meeting you hosted. In the coworking space, a professional fit out can translate into retaining clients or sealing the deal.

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Rocketbook Is The Last Notebook You Will Ever Have To Buy (Giveaway)

We are deep into back-to-school season over here. Many of you might have purchased new clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies. There is one item that I bet you didn't get. How about a notebook that will last a lifetime? The Everlast notebook by Rocketbook provides a classic pen and paper experience that is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services.
When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. Use the Rocketbook app to scan your notes into editable documents and automatically save them to your favorite cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, to name a few. Rocketbook allows students to document their notes and illustrations in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Since it's reusable, Rocketbook will last a lifetime.

We are definitely old-fashioned pen and paper people in my home, so I was eager to test the Rocketbook out for myself. I love that I can take notes or work out math problems while helping my son with his home school math lessons. I realize that we were going through way too much scratch paper, and it was such a big waste. Now we can work out problems, and wipe clean with a damp paper towel with zero waste! The size is perfect if you are traveling or have a need for a notebook while on-the-go.

Rocketbook makes different sized notebooks and notepads, and offers pens and accessories to go along with them. This would make the perfect gift for any student, teacher, or for friends or family who are big on earth-friendly products. I mean how can you go wrong with a notebook that will last a lifetime? Check out the video below to see the Rocketbook in action.

Purchase your Rocketbook on their website or Amazon.

Giveaway: One lucky reader will win one (1) Everlast notebook from Rocketbook, and one (1) 3-pack of Pilot Frixion gel pens ($41 value).
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Graduation Gifts Ideas for the Super Hero in Your Family

Today's conversation is sponsored by Cross & Marvel. All opinions are my own.

It's college graduation season and we have so many graduates in our family this year. We have several cousins graduating from all over the country. We also have two very important soon-to-be graduates living under my roof. Both my older daughter and my husband will graduate from college this year. As a matter of fact, their ceremonies are three days apart! Aside from all of the planning that goes into any type of celebration, figuring out what to gift your favorite graduate can be a difficult task. There are so many very typical gifts you can give, but I believe in giving something thoughtful and memorable.

I recall more than 20 years ago when I first became a mother, an old friend of mine purchased a Cross pen as a gift for Mother's Day. It's not necessarily a gift you might expect for that occasion, but it really meant a lot and reminded me of the fact that I was a brand new mom. It came in a blue leather case and the pen had sea shells etched on its shaft. To this day, I still have that pen. I've purchased ink refills over the years and it has always been a special keepsake for me.

This story gets me to thinking about my daughter and husband, and their upcoming celebrations. They have both worked so hard in college to earn their degrees and I want to honor them with a timeless gift. Cross has come out with its Marvel Super Hero Special Edition Collection line of writing instruments, so you can mark epic moments with larger-than-life writing instruments featuring Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man. These striking collectibles are designed to inspire Marvel fans of all sizes.

In the Cross Century® II Marvel Collection, heroic design meets legendary performance in three stunning luxury collectibles. Also, the Cross Tech2™ Marvel Multifunction Collection features dual-powered pens that flip to transform from a pen to stylus in a flash. And last, but certainly not least, there's the Cross Classic Century® Collection. Perhaps the most well-known pen, the Cross Classic Century® is an icon of American design and innovation.

Each of these pens offers the superior quality you expect from the Cross brand. How cool would it be to gift your real-life super hero with such a unique item? Think of all the documents they will have to sign as they go out into the world looking for new opportunities and ventures. The Marvel Super Hero Special Edition Collection pens let your loved one channel some of the most popular super heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

Check out the the Cross Tech2™ Marvel  Multifunction Pen in the Captain America design:

This pen is absolutely perfect for your college graduate. It has a beautiful finish and writes like a dream. The stylus is a plus since we are living in a touchscreen world. It is compatible with most touchscreens so your graduate can go from writing on paper and switching over to their smartphone or tablet in an instant.

This pen comes in a Marvel themed gift box and has a lifetime mechanical guarantee. My husband was all smiles when he was gifted this pen. My personal Super Hero deserves this amazing pen!

You can't go wrong with the specially formulated Cross ink that flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience. This pen includes one black medium ballpoint tip and retails for $45.

Another favorite is the Cross Classic Century® Medalist ballpoint pen. This exquisite writing instrument captures the classic style of Cross pens. The two-tone finish adds such elegance and sophistication. This is a pen that you will keep for a lifetime. It writes so smooth and you can refill the ink in your choice of color or point. I can see my daughter signing big contracts with this beauty.

The Classic Century® Medalist is a classic that offers the patented twist-action barrel as well as a lifetime mechanical guarantee. It comes in a premium gift box ready for gifting to that special person. Any college grad would love this piece. It retails for $65.

Any of these fine writing instruments would make an outstanding gift for your favorite super hero—your college graduate. You can find the pens at Do you have a future college graduate in your life? If so, which pen would you love to gift them?

Wall Art Prints from

I am a very simple person. I am not into a lot of "stuff" all over my home. As a matter of fact, although I have owned my house for many years, I still have a lot of empty walls that could use some sprucing up. One place in particular is my office. The only thing I have hanging up is a calendar and some random sticky notes. I have been browsing  wall art prints from and came across a few pieces that caught my eye. This one called, "Museum" is my favorite:

What's neat about this particular print is that you can choose from 3 color schemes. It has such a feminine and sophisticated feel. You can choose from a variety of sizes and frames. You can also go with an unframed piece if you want to personalize it with a frame of your own.
The Minted site gives some great suggestions for grouping wall art prints for a contemporary and unique look. I saw some fun pieces that are all kitchen or food related that would make a cool clustered look for my dining area. 
With the amount of time I spend in my office, my wall needs to be treated to a lovely piece of art. My eyes could use the treat as well! 

Be sure to connect with on Facebook and Twitter for the latest products updates and promotions.

I received a gift code as a thank you for sharing this article to promote's wall art prints. All opinions are my own as always. 

New Post-It Mobile keeps you organized, on-the-go!

Being a homemaking, mother of 3 keeps me on-the-go at all times. Now that I think about it, my entire family is always scattered all over the place... school, work, college, activities, travel and more. We try our best to stay as organized as possible. When the school year started, I purchased planners for all of us. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to scheduling, labeling and sorting things. I was thrilled when I received the entire line of Post-It Mobile products to review. Post-It really came up with some neat ideas for busy people like myself. I was really impressed with the selection and the versatility behind this line.
Post-it Mobile products are designed be attached to items you carry like notebooks, binders, laptops, book bags, cases and more. I love that I can attach tabs to my planner so that I can keep track of the most important tasks by color. 
All you do it peel off the backing from the sticky surface. I added these cute tabs on the back of my planner so I always have them on hand when I take it to-go in my purse. 
My husband loves the convenience of having Post-It notes and tabs that are attach to his book bag for when he goes to his night college class. He gets a lot of use out of them with those enormous books he studies from!
One of my favorites is the assorted tabs and notes that fit into binders. I have this one in my family bill binder and if I need to take the binder in the carpool line to do some quick updates, I have my Post-It Mobile items already in there! Oh and even better for the carpool line, they have a clip-on portable Post-It note holder that attaches to your visor. Oh man, I just had a nerd moment!
Check out this neat highlighter with tabs and pen in one! It clips onto most anything and would be especially good at the office. It is even great for students since it can easily be attached to a lanyard.
Post-It even has attach & go pockets that fit on your laptop or the back of your tablet or planner to hold important things like business cards, documents and more. The whole family fought over picked out what they needed the most and I can see them being a great benefit for our busy lives. It's also a great way for me to use the color-coded tabs for my blog post scheduling and giveaways.

You can find out more about Post-It Mobile and Post-It products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I really love their Pinterest page for all the great ideas on organization. You have to check them out!

I received free products samples in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 
Shelly, Mom Files

Why didn't I do this sooner?

It just dawned on me a few days ago that William's bedroom is a lot bigger than my office. Both rooms are next to each other and they used to be the girls' rooms before William was born and then they moved into bedrooms downstairs.  He only goes in his bedroom to sleep at night. How did I let a little kid get the bigger space? He doesn't even have that much stuff! It is also the one room in the house that is coldest in the Winter and warmest in the Summer. A light bulb went off in my head. I grabbed the girls and we switched rooms. Yep, I kicked the boy out of the big room with a full-sized closet and put him in a smaller, cozier room. Would you believe that now he wants to hang out and play in his "new room" all day long? It was a very smart move. It took me 3 1/2 years to think of it but at least it's done. I am loving my new office space and William is enjoying his new bedroom. We both win! :)
Shelly, Mom Files
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