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Mar 29, 2007

Working Moms

More and more moms are finding it difficult to deal with motherhood and the 40+ hours work week. I recently spoke with a few moms that found going back to work after maternity leave was a very emotional ordeal. I will admit that I was out of touch with being a working mom until last year. My husband launched a real estate financing company and I decided to help out by working for family health insurance. I decided to take a teaching assistant job at my kids' school. I figured this would bring me closer to them while not interfering with my mommy time. I sure wish I had a crystal ball to see how much of a mistake that would have been! I found it really challenging managing my time. I was used to making brownies or cookies for the kids when they got home from school, preparing them for piano lessons, or helping with research projects. However, I had a job so I had to rush home, cook dinner, clean, drive to practice, and it seemed never ending. After making it through the school year, I decided to go back to being a full-time mom. To the mothers out there who are working moms, please leave us a few helpful tips to help other hard working moms get through the everyday grind.

MiniVan Makeover

Can you believe it, Minivans are coming out with three television equipped with satellite service. This will be marketed as "a mother's dream". The pitch is that kids will be entertained watching television and keeping quiet. Is this the real mothers dream or another way to separate conversation between parents and children. Instead of hearing your children ask "Are we there yet", mothers will hear peace and quiet. Yeah right. What did we do when we were growing before technology took over? We had actual conversation. I can understand if you were going on a very long road trip, having a television would not be a bad idea. On a normal day-to-day running to school, activities, errands, etc.., it seems unnecessary to need the TV on the whole time (let's not even get into the video games!) Maybe I am just too old-fashioned! Parents, you would be surprised what your child has to talk about.

Mar 27, 2007

Interesting Gift Idea

I was paying my bills online today and decided to peruse the SCE&G website. I found a link that said 'gift certificates'. Wait a minute, did I see that correctly? You can buy a gift certificate from the same company that provides your electricity and gas? We can now give the "Gift of Comfort" as they phrase it. I have officially seen it all! Actually it is not a bad idea because they can be given as gifts to family members or friends living on fixed incomes, newlyweds, college students, adult children starting out on their own, new homeowners, the person who has everything , graduations, birthdays, weddings, holidays and "just because". You can purchase them in increments of $25-$150. Now, that is one neat gift to give! If my husband is reading this, please note that this does not apply to Anniversaries or Valentines Day! Go to and choose the SCE&G tab. Check it out!

Mar 24, 2007

Summer Activities

Does anyone have any good ideas for the children to do this Summer that are located within the Northeast Columbia area? I have had several moms ask about that for ages ranging from 3-14. They were especially interested in activities for 2+ children that offer discounts and hopefully making it more affordable. Please post your suggestions!

Mar 23, 2007

PETS, Inc. Opens Non-Profit Pet Shop

PETS, Inc. Opens Non-Profit Pet Shop

Health conscious pet owners can now find premium pet food and supplies at the newly opened PETS, Inc. Adoption Center and Shelter at 300 Orchard Drive in West Columbia. All products are quality-tested by PETS, Inc. Resolving containment issues, dietary deficiencies, shedding concerns, behavioral problems and poor hygiene has been a major part of the rescue mission since 1992. Affordable, healthy and creative products address every aspect of successful pet ownership.

Please stop in and visit them for your pet care needs or even consider adoption. Open until 8pm every day. Call 739-9333 or visit for a map and directions.

Mar 22, 2007


I got a phone call this afternoon from the mother one of my older daughter's (Chardonnay) friends. She was calling to find out if Chardonnay got an invitation to one of the girls' mutual friends birthday party/ sleepover. I knew nothing about it and I figured out why. I do not let my children sleepover at any one's house except grandma, grandpa, or their life-long pal since they were 3 & 5. My child knows that if she asked to go to the party I would firmly say "NO". Do I feel bad about saying no? Absolutely not! I know that most people would say to loosen up and trust my daughter. Believe me, I trust her plenty but we do live in a very different time. I grew up in a strict household and I never slept over at any one's home, even family members. I guess culture has a lot to do with the way we handle things. Needless to say, I do not think Chardonnay's friend will be allowed to go to the party either. I think life will go on even though may think it won't!

Mar 20, 2007

Spring Fever- Pollen & Headache

Spring is in the air and everything is thriving and full of life. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are blooming. Oh, and then there is the pollen that drifts through the air and blankets everything in sight! This is a nigthmare for those of us that suffer from seasonal allergies. My younger daugther has a variety of allergies and Spring is usually the worst time of year for her. I was picking her up from school the other day and the minute the car door slammed she said "Mom, my head hurts". Then yesterday my husband (the biggest baby of all) comes up to me with this sad face and says "Honey, my head hurts weally, weally bad". Notice I did not say really, but 'weally'. Gosh, that's just sad! I guess this means we better get prepared especially for the big babies in our lives. If anyone has any tips or advice to help our allergy sufferers please send me and email or make a post. My little bit of advice is to wear sunglasses when you are outside to protect those precious peepers from that evil pollen! Good advice especially for contact lens wearers. Take care y'all!


Kohl's is partnering with Elle !
That's right moms, Kohl's department store will work with Elle of the awesome Elle Magazine to produce a line of clothing that will be released in 300 of their Kohl's stores. Items will include Capri pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, knit tops, and jackets. Kevin Mansell the President of Kohl's said in an interview that new fashions from the joint venture will hit stores within 120 days of being designed. WOW! However, I am the stay-at-home coupon queen, so I will wait till these new items go on clearance.

Mar 19, 2007

Cell Phones and Driving

Is it just me or is it absolutely ridiculous the amount of people that find the need to talk on the cell phone while driving?! If it is that necessary to do so why not do it in a safer way to protect yourself, other drivers, and especially the precious cargo that travels in the back of the minivan. Hello?? There are hands-free devices that are very affordable and not to mention the newer model phones come with speakerphone. I see too many people on the road that are too interested in keeping that phone glued to their ear instead of paying attention to driving safely. The sad part is that the more this habit is practiced in front of children the greater the chance that they will do it themselves. And we wonder why children don't listen. Think about it!


Mar 16, 2007

Tot Trade Sale/ March 2007

Hey Moms! I wanted to let you know about an upcoming sale by Tot Trade, South Carolina's largest children's consignment sale. They are celebrating their 10th year in business and this twice yearly event will draw thousands! Save big on "gently used" children's clothing, nursery items, shoes, baby equipment, furniture, playground equipment, books, software and lots of toys!!
The Tot Trade schedule is as follows:
Saturday (17th): Pre-Sale Extravaganza for consignors, volunteers, and first-time moms/guests only. You must have a pass to enter. Sunday (18th): Public sale noon-6pm
Tot Trade Too
March 24- Pre-Sale Extravaganza for consignors, volunteers, and first-time moms/guests only. March 25- Public Sale, noon to 6pm March 26-27- Public sale 9am-7pm and
March 28- Public sale 8am-7pm.
For more information call (803) 783-5355 or go to

Mar 14, 2007

New Crime - Child Identity Thief

That's right moms, When you thought it could not get any worse out here raising children, a new threat arises. Many dumpster diving thieves are no longer looking just for your information, but the ultimate prize. Your Child's Information! Just image your son or daughter reaching 18, applying for college, or moving out into the real world.
Only to find out that had a gas card, or major credit card when they were only 13 years old.
Why Would Someone Do This? The reason is simple: Many parents do not check their child's credit report, and many young individuals do not check their credit reports until they enter college, or the workforce. Identity thief is very lucrative. The old saying was if you can't beat them, join them. Now the saying is more like.. If you can't beat them become them. If that bothers you as much as it bothers me, Check out LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention
This is is not just a credit monitoring system, but it is a real credit partner. Instead of being their after something happens, they are there to help prevent it from happening in the first place. This is a low cost was to protect yourself and your babies. I like this program because
  1. It's affordable
  2. Monitors my credit
  3. Stops Credit Card Solicitations
  4. Reduces my junk mail
  5. Locks my credit report
  6. 1 Million dollar guarantee if something goes wrong.

It is also a good idea to check with your insurance company to see what identity monitoring services they offer. as a customer of their you may be entitled to a discount on your insurance.

If you have been a victim of identity thief. Share your story with us so we can learn from your experiences.


Mar 10, 2007

The real "Soccer Mom"

I called my cousin the other day to check on her and her new baby (her third child). She sounded great and full of energy. She advised me that she just joined a soccer team. I thought I misunderstood her because her 9 year old daughter plays on a soccer team. She assured me that it was a women's team that meets at the local indoor sports complex. The team consists of women of all ages, including moms. As it turns out, this is a trend that is very popular with moms. Now moms are not only taking the kids to practice, but are also getting in on the action. So I guess this truly makes her a "Soccer Mom". I think that it is cool way to get some exercise and also a good role model for the children. Maybe I might consider joining. Okay, well maybe not!

Mar 7, 2007

Welcome to Momfiles!

Hello to all and welcome to Momfiles! There is so much to deal with on a daily basis and it seems we can never keep up. This site was created with YOU in mind. Whether you are a stay-at-home, new, single, student, or a working mom you can use this as a tool to express your feelings. We know we all have lots of those! The society we live in today is so different than when we were children and the challenges get harder daily. We offer various ways to help make the days a little easier. Check out the links to find out some handy tips, local events, freebies, and more. If anyone has anything to share that can benefit our moms we would love to hear from you!
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