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Mar 10, 2007

The real "Soccer Mom"

I called my cousin the other day to check on her and her new baby (her third child). She sounded great and full of energy. She advised me that she just joined a soccer team. I thought I misunderstood her because her 9 year old daughter plays on a soccer team. She assured me that it was a women's team that meets at the local indoor sports complex. The team consists of women of all ages, including moms. As it turns out, this is a trend that is very popular with moms. Now moms are not only taking the kids to practice, but are also getting in on the action. So I guess this truly makes her a "Soccer Mom". I think that it is cool way to get some exercise and also a good role model for the children. Maybe I might consider joining. Okay, well maybe not!


  1. I have heard about that too. I know several ladies in my community that are involved in different sports teams. My children are both very young (2&4) but maybe I will join a team when they are older and involved in the sport of their liking.

  2. You Could be a Soccer Mom. I know you could kick some b__t.

  3. I have found that most adult soccer teams are more competitive than "just for fun".
    Good exercise yes, but also pretty rough.

    Just sayin....


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