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Mar 29, 2007

Working Moms

More and more moms are finding it difficult to deal with motherhood and the 40+ hours work week. I recently spoke with a few moms that found going back to work after maternity leave was a very emotional ordeal. I will admit that I was out of touch with being a working mom until last year. My husband launched a real estate financing company and I decided to help out by working for family health insurance. I decided to take a teaching assistant job at my kids' school. I figured this would bring me closer to them while not interfering with my mommy time. I sure wish I had a crystal ball to see how much of a mistake that would have been! I found it really challenging managing my time. I was used to making brownies or cookies for the kids when they got home from school, preparing them for piano lessons, or helping with research projects. However, I had a job so I had to rush home, cook dinner, clean, drive to practice, and it seemed never ending. After making it through the school year, I decided to go back to being a full-time mom. To the mothers out there who are working moms, please leave us a few helpful tips to help other hard working moms get through the everyday grind.


  1. Hi, Sheliza:

    I don't know for sure, but I believe that most of today's moms dream of being a SAHM. I believe that if they were given the choice, they would choose to stay at home and nurture their children. I wish they could. I wish they would start thinking about how they could simplify life enough to make that change. The children really need it, and the moms do, too.



  2. thanks for visiting my blog! i've enjoyed yours!
    i know this post was from '07... but i thought i'd share my thoughts anyway...
    my tips for successfully juggling work/home life---
    -give your child/children your undivided attention as soon as you walk in the door. the mail, dinner, cleaning up, can wait till they go to bed. or let them "help" you cook, or help "fold" laundry--it doesn't matter, they just want to be with you.
    --organize and prioritize--get into a routine, plan ahead, and you have to let the little things go.
    --make good use of nap time! this is when i do "housework" stuff.
    --make the most of the weekends--whether you're lounging around the house or taking a "field trip," these are the moments that make memories.
    --don't feel guilty, just do the best you can. my mom was a SINGLE working mother and i turned out okay.


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