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Mar 22, 2007


I got a phone call this afternoon from the mother one of my older daughter's (Chardonnay) friends. She was calling to find out if Chardonnay got an invitation to one of the girls' mutual friends birthday party/ sleepover. I knew nothing about it and I figured out why. I do not let my children sleepover at any one's house except grandma, grandpa, or their life-long pal since they were 3 & 5. My child knows that if she asked to go to the party I would firmly say "NO". Do I feel bad about saying no? Absolutely not! I know that most people would say to loosen up and trust my daughter. Believe me, I trust her plenty but we do live in a very different time. I grew up in a strict household and I never slept over at any one's home, even family members. I guess culture has a lot to do with the way we handle things. Needless to say, I do not think Chardonnay's friend will be allowed to go to the party either. I think life will go on even though may think it won't!


  1. My daughter had her 3 year old birthday party at home and we spent money on a puppet show to come for the children. Maybe, people felt the way you do and only 1 kid came out of the 15 I invited. It really hurts the poor kid wanting to have a party, so why don't you let your daughter go but get picked up at 9pm instead of sleeping over. I am sure that would make her and her friends just as happy.

  2. "I guess culture has a lot to do with the way we handle things." looks more like fear is how you handle things. And your daughter doesn't even talk to you, you had to find out about a party from some other mother. Hmmmmmmmm strict parenting or just mean

  3. Its a FRIEND of your daughters. You better start letting her do things now or either be prepared for a lot of sneeking around when she is older. When she starts lying to you about where she goes, with who and when think back to the party you did not let her attend. How can you ever expect to gain her respect and trust if you do not start showing her some. AND SOON!!!

  4. It bothers me that so many parents want to treat their child as their equals. Instead of parenting they want to be their childs friend. "Gain her respect and trust". I have taken many reports on sleepovers gone wrong from alcohol to boyfriends sneaking over when sponsor mom was sleep.
    This does not make the local news but it happens all the time. Moms need to set rules and stop being a girlfriend to their children.

  5. You are a good mom. I don't let my kids do sleepovers either. They understand my reasons why and respect them.


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