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MiniVan Makeover

Can you believe it, Minivans are coming out with three television equipped with satellite service. This will be marketed as "a mother's dream". The pitch is that kids will be entertained watching television and keeping quiet. Is this the real mothers dream or another way to separate conversation between parents and children. Instead of hearing your children ask "Are we there yet", mothers will hear peace and quiet. Yeah right. What did we do when we were growing before technology took over? We had actual conversation. I can understand if you were going on a very long road trip, having a television would not be a bad idea. On a normal day-to-day running to school, activities, errands, etc.., it seems unnecessary to need the TV on the whole time (let's not even get into the video games!) Maybe I am just too old-fashioned! Parents, you would be surprised what your child has to talk about.

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  1. I agree. Good for long roadtrips, but not the daily to and fro.

    Doesn't leave room for conversations, and you're right, some of the best talks I had with my children were while I was driving =)


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