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How to Prep for Vacation at Work

Do you regularly plan for and take vacation? If not, you’re probably hurting yourself and your general level of satisfaction. Planning a vacation actually makes people happier than if they don’t. They’re less stressed, their health is better, and heck, they even have a longer life.

Even if people do take a vacation, they’re probably not taking all the vacation that is owed to them. The reasons for this are varied, but a lot of it has to do with deadlines and too much work. And if you don’t take those vacations, you’re hurting yourself and you’re hurting your company, too. You’re not as focused at work and you’re more likely to burn out too. (Guess what: If you take a vacation, you’re also more likely to get a raise.)

So you need to take time off—how do you prepare for it better in order to maximize your time and not stress out? This graphic offers some ideas.

How to Prep for Vacation at Work Infographic
Thank you ZeroCater for these helpful tips!

My tribute to working moms

I read about it all the time~ the moms who work full-time jobs and have to come home to laundry, bills, cooking, cleaning...oh yeah and being a mom! You are exhausted from the work day but still you make sure your little ones are fed, bathed, read to and just loved. If your child has a doctor's appointment you put in for a few hours off to take care of it. If you get called at work that your kid is in the nurse's office with a fever, you hop into your mom taxi and whisk them up and make sure you do all you can to cure what ails them. Some of you who blog have obligations to PR firms and have a mountain of posts to publish each night. You somehow manage to get through them even if it means you might get 4 hours of sleep. Some moms are still taking college classes, trying to get to the next level. There are classes, homework and exhaustion yet you persevere. You get that degree. Some of you are doing this alone [without a husband]. You sacrifice everything for the sake of your children. I am in awe of the working mothers who "do it all". You are the ones that wear the cape to me. You are all my hero!
Shelly, Mom Files

Free Samples... YES!!!

Look at all the FREE samples I got today in the mail (8 in all)!! My hubby knows he needs to stop giving me a hard time because I do not have to keep running the store to spend $$ on health and beauty and household items. Leave a comment and let us know who the sensible one is. I will enter your name twice for the FREE gift card contest!


Oh no she didn't!

Today I (Sheliza) went to volunteer at my older daughter's school. My task of the day was "book collection". The object of the task was, well... to collect books. Not too bad I thought. I also had to deliver some books to classrooms and I heard the dreaded sound... the school bell. Within a matter of seconds, the hallways were overrun with mobs of students. I was with a couple other moms at the time. We carefully stood on the side to clear ourselves from getting run over. There was a nice girl that I have seen many times (at the carpool pickup line) and she was standing behind me. She does not know me but I am sure she was aware that I was an adult. All of a sudden she starts spewing four letter words about the book cart being in the way. My mouth as well as the other moms' mouths dropped in disbelief. I am not living under a rock someplace that I do not face the facts that kids use curse words, but this time I was shocked that they were blatantly being used in front of adults willingly without a care in the world. Later that day my husband accompanied me to go pick the girls up from school. I was back at the middle school once again. There were two girls walking right by our car and they said the 'F' word at least 3 times and even looked at us in our faces! Girls are so much bolder than boys, it's unbelievable! My husband was so outraged. He immediately told both daughters that if he ever heard another parent say that they heard his child cursing in front of adults, they better be prepared to fight. I let the girls know that they would also need to be prepared to lose the fight! When we were kids, we thought we were big and bad if we said 'hell', but we definitely knew better than to say it in front of a grown up! Too bad things aren't that way anymore. Apparently the word 'respect' has been pulled from the dictionary. Very pathetic.

Working Moms

More and more moms are finding it difficult to deal with motherhood and the 40+ hours work week. I recently spoke with a few moms that found going back to work after maternity leave was a very emotional ordeal. I will admit that I was out of touch with being a working mom until last year. My husband launched a real estate financing company and I decided to help out by working for family health insurance. I decided to take a teaching assistant job at my kids' school. I figured this would bring me closer to them while not interfering with my mommy time. I sure wish I had a crystal ball to see how much of a mistake that would have been! I found it really challenging managing my time. I was used to making brownies or cookies for the kids when they got home from school, preparing them for piano lessons, or helping with research projects. However, I had a job so I had to rush home, cook dinner, clean, drive to practice, and it seemed never ending. After making it through the school year, I decided to go back to being a full-time mom. To the mothers out there who are working moms, please leave us a few helpful tips to help other hard working moms get through the everyday grind.
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