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Mar 23, 2007

PETS, Inc. Opens Non-Profit Pet Shop

PETS, Inc. Opens Non-Profit Pet Shop

Health conscious pet owners can now find premium pet food and supplies at the newly opened PETS, Inc. Adoption Center and Shelter at 300 Orchard Drive in West Columbia. All products are quality-tested by PETS, Inc. Resolving containment issues, dietary deficiencies, shedding concerns, behavioral problems and poor hygiene has been a major part of the rescue mission since 1992. Affordable, healthy and creative products address every aspect of successful pet ownership.

Please stop in and visit them for your pet care needs or even consider adoption. Open until 8pm every day. Call 739-9333 or visit for a map and directions.


  1. In the City of Columbia water bills this month they gave free spay/neuturing coupons. Many of the local shelters have asked that you donate the coupons to them so their facilities help with the cost animals they have. Any questions can be answered by a pet smart store.


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