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Jul 20, 2017

No Time To Hit The Gym? DeskCycle Can Help!

I have been working from home for several years now, and home schooling my little one for two years. I find myself at my desk, dining table, or any table for that matter, most of the day. I own gym equipment and even have a gym membership, but guess what? I either don't use it or say, "I'll work out tomorrow". When I got the opportunity to review the DeskCycle, I jumped all over it. The unit comes in a box complete with the tools needed for assembly. The process took me under 20 minutes and was super simple. I didn't even have to ask my husband for help. 

What exactly is the DeskCycle and how does it work?

The DeskCycle is a simple piece of exercise equipment like a stationary bike without the handles, made especially for those who are pressed for time. Whether you can't always make it to the gym, weather conditions aren't the greatest for a walk/jog/run, or you're stuck at your desk working for hours a day, DeskCycle is made for YOU! I have been having some foot issues that have caused me a lot of pain and I can't even go 1/2 mile on the treadmill. I have been using the DeskCycle for over a week now and like how easy it is on my feet since I'm not actually standing. I feel so much better than I am moving when I am sitting. It actually helps me to stay a lot more focused since I am one of those who can't always stay on task.

You can adjust the resistance according to your own goals. It's definitely important to start off slowly and work your way to a more challenging resistance setting. I am liking how my legs are looking and feeling! I am in desperate need of toning and DeskCycle is helping me to get closer to that goal. There is a gauge that  tracks time and miles, but I honestly don't use it. I wear a fitness tracker that monitors my steps and calories burned, so I just use that.

My husband has been begging to let him take it down to his office. I told him to get his own! The DeskCycle is not limited to using while working. You can use it while you're sitting on the couch watching a movie.

So far I am noticing my legs, butt, and abs feel firmer. My energy is higher as well and my stress levels are lower. I normally get a bit turned off when people post about fitness online and say, "no excuses", but I have to say, it's the truth with the DeskCycle! I mean if you are sitting around, why not get a little exercise in at the same time? Even my son is enjoying it. It helps a lot with strengthening his legs to enable him to perform better in martial arts class.

Where can I buy one?

The DeskCycle is so easy to use and when you are pedaling, it's super quiet.  It is well made and super sturdy, so you can feel confident giving it your all. You can purchase your very own unit from Mini Pedalers for $159 or on Amazon  also for $159 with FREE shipping if you have a Prime account.

The DeskCycle makes a great gift for anyone on your list and I am very sure the recipient will love it! Learn more about DeskCycle here

Thank you DeskCycle for the complimentary sample and all opinions stated are 100% mine as always.
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Nov 7, 2012

Make this Thanksgiving Mishap-free with Walmart {$50 GC Giveaway}


The winner is Thomas Murphy! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your Thanksgiving tips! 

Now that we have the month of October behind us, we can now look forward to Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday and I almost always host a big dinner for family and friends. Along with the excitement of family time and good food, we sometimes run into mishaps here and there. It seems like no matter how much you plan, make lists or think you have it all together, something goes wrong! I decided to share some of my personal tips to help make your Thanksgiving a bit more Mishap-free.

  • Plan ahead! Make a detailed list of your menu in advance so you can have a thorough grocery list made. This way, you can start shopping over the course of a few weeks and stock up on non-perishable items. 
  • Don't be a hero. We all want to make the best meals made from scratch but sometimes shortcuts are your best friend! Pick up some cake mix and make it your own. Make your icing from scratch and use a piping bag to make it pretty. Semi-homemade is not bad! 
  • Make sure to pick up some seasonal candles and room fragrance sprays. It makes the atmosphere more festive and relaxed.
  • Practice a new dish or dessert a few weeks ahead in a smaller amount to see if you like it. I have made things before that failed miserably and there was no do-over.
  • Every year I have cooked all my side dishes the day before and packed them up in the refrigerator for the next day. This makes the day of Thanksgiving so much more relaxed and all I have to do is roast my turkey and put my pies in the oven. 
  • I love serving dinner on China plates but I have learned that you can buy "fancy" paper plates and disposable utensils and cups that you don't have to wash afterwards! Also be sure to have enough plastic storage bags and aluminum foil for leftovers. 
  • Keep wine on hand! I don't think I have to explain that one!
Thanksgiving is all about time with the ones you love and should not be stressful.You can find some great tips and advice at the Thanksgiving Mishaps website to help get you through the holiday. Check out this video from Chef Richard:


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Walmart provided me with a gift card and the giveaway, but the thoughts and tips shared in this post are my own.
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