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Perfect Roasted Salmon From Sitka Salmon Shares

If you're anything like me, you might be very particular about the food you buy for your family. When it comes to fresh foods, we tend to buy mostly organic, and almost all non-GMO only products. My husband is the one who does his research and makes his suggestions of what he would like for me to buy or what to avoid. One thing he does not mess around with is fish and seafood. He tells me to never purchase farm-raised fish. We end up spending a good bit more, but stick to wild-caught or locally-caught fish.

We were so lucky to get a special shipment of wild-caught Alaskan Coho Salmon and Pacific Cod courtesy of Sitka Salmon Shares. It's pretty wild (pun intended) to receive fish that was caught by fisherman and blast-frozen to maintain the freshness.

Sitka Salmon Shares is:

  • Wild: Wild-caught from the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska and the North Pacific
  • Sustainable: Harvested using hook-and-line methods to minimize negative ecological impact
  • Traceable: Our relationships ensure that your fish is traceable to the boats of our fishermen-owners and trusted community partners
  • Fishermen-centered: Individually caught by one of our fisherman-owners or partner fishermen (who we hope are on their way to ownership!). Fishermen ownership makes us distinct from our competition and creates a more just system that values hard work, high-quality fish and low-impact harvesting methods.
  • Just: Our fishermen receive an average of 20-30% more for their harvest, which can equate to $10,000 extra income in a given season
  • Premium: Blast-frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure the highest quality, guaranteed
  • Convenient: Home delivered directly to your door, with recipes and a newsletter about the fishermen who caught that month’s share
  • Conscious: Carbon offsets purchased and 1% of revenue donated to efforts promoting small-scale fisheries and conservation in Alaska.  

How does Sitka Salmon Shares work? 

Community Supported Fishery (CSF) members purchase their very own "shares" of their harvest. Similar to preorders or vegetable shares ordered through your favorite CSA, these purchases determine how much fish their fishermen catch! After that, CSF members receive a monthly home seafood delivery - their "share" - of their wild Alaskan catch, ranging 4.5-5lbs per month and ranging 3-9 months during the CSF season (April thru December). Prices range from $18 to $28 per pound, depending on the species you choose and the quantity you buy. Shipping is also FREE, which is a plus! 

You're probably wondering if the fish is worth it or not. Let me tell you, it is beyond worth it. My husband and I both agree that it is the absolute best salmon we have ever eaten, period! Even better than what we have had from some swanky high-priced restaurants. I simple placed the sealed packs of coho salmon in the kitchen sink with enough water to submerge it. The salmon thawed quickly and I was completely in awe of the beautiful color. I did find some pin bones that I was able to pluck out. I always judge any fish by the smell. This salmon smelled clean and ocean-y, not overly fishy. If fish smells too fishy, I won't mess with it. 

The way I make my roasted salmon is quite simple. I start with rinsing the fish and patting it dry with paper towels. I place them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Next, I season with a blend of sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, creole seasoning, complete seasoning, and garlic powder. I then lightly rub the dry seasonings onto the fish filets, and top with fresh dill sprigs and lemon slices. The last step is to melt 4 tablespoons of butter and drizzle it over the top of the filets. I place the fish in the oven set on broil for 3 minutes, and then at 395° on the convection setting for 10 minutes. If you do not have the convection feature, you might need to add a few additional minutes of cooking time. 

I squeezed some fresh lemon over the top of the salmon when it came out of the oven. I had to sneak a little piece before I plated it and it made me close my eyes. The salmon completely melted in my mouth! SO GOOD! I served the roasted salmon with some simple maple brown sugar mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed asparagus. This was a high-end restaurant-quality meal without a doubt. 

Getting hungry? If you use this special discount code - SITKA25, it will take $25 off any 2020 Premium Sitka Seafood Share. Be sure to follow Sitka Seafood Shares on Facebook and Instagram for the latest product updates and recipes. I definitely plan to cook the cod in a couple weeks. I will browse some recipes and decide from there. My family will co-sign when I say that I highly recommend trying Sitka Salmon Shares. 

Many thanks to Sitka Salmon Shares for providing a seafood box for my family to try. All opinions are my own as always. Thank you for stopping by today. 

Why We Love Mr. Fish Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC

We frequently visit Myrtle Beach, SC and have tried many of the dining establishments in the area. One of our go-to places is the Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant located at 6401 North Kings Hwy. We discovered it a couple years ago when we were on the hunt for a very specific menu item. When you first walk into Mr. Fish, you will be greeted in the traditional southern way and escorted to your table. The decor is very funky and whimsical. Very beach-y and fishy, of course. Maybe we have been lucky the times we have been because we have never had to wait and we were served quickly. Once you place your drink order, a basket of golden brown hush puppies are brought over to your table to tease your taste buds. Don't they look tasty?

We dined at Mr. Fish last weekend and I had a grilled chicken sandwich. I was impressed and loved how tender and flavorful the chicken was. I'm always happy when I can see the seasoning. The roll is soft and perfectly toasted.

The steamed oyster are so fresh and delicious. It's actually a lot of fun prying them open and making a big mess. We love topping them with their special cocktail sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

The special menu item we were on the hunt for in the past was the soft shell crab sandwich. Oh man, it is SO good! It's super fresh and prepared so simply to highlight the natural crab flavor. This is a must try if you haven't had a soft shell crab sandwich before.

Nobody would believe this when going to a seafood joint that collard greens would be on the menu. I know we are in the south, but still. Well let me tell you this, these greens are the star of the show! They are the BEST we have ever had and you find yourself craving it. It has an unusual sweet taste that I can't explain. Mind you, I don't normally like collards. I feel like we need to order a bucket of it on our next visit. You can't go to Mr. Fish's without ordering the greens! 

The best part is that the prices are very reasonable and you will not ever leave hungry. Mr. Fish serves a variety of seafood dishes including fish, shrimp, crab, oysters, lobster and even sushi. Of course they offer non seafood options as well. They have something for everyone. We are going back later in March and I plan to try some sushi rolls and of course a side of greens. If you are ever in Myrtle Beach, you must try them out. We have really enjoyed the times we have dined there and figured we would share our experience here. If you go, let us know! 

You can check out the full menu on their website and find them on Facebook

Try Matlaw's Stuffed Clams for your Super Bowl party

I received samples for an honest review. All opinions are completely my own. 

It is football and basketball season and we have been tuning into the games as often as possible. We traditionally have friends over to watch the Super Bowl game and I have been putting together my menu of goodies to serve my guests. I was so lucky to receive some Matlaw's Stuffed Clams to review. These stuffed clams come frozen and are made from quality ingredients. 
I just love that the stuffing for these appetizers are filled into real clam shells. I used the oven bake method of cooking them. You can also grill or microwave them. I lined a baking sheet with foil and placed my clams on it. 
They went into a 450 degree oven 30 minutes and came out a gorgeous golden brown color. My kids were lured into the kitchen because of the wonderful smell that lingered in the house. 
We all tried them with a couple splashes of hot sauce for an extra kick. Oh boy, they were good! My husband really enjoyed them and my sometimes finicky teens loved them too. The stuffed clams were packed with flavor and had a light texture at the same time. The clam pieces were not rubbery at all. Overall, it was a perfect balance of savory flavors. 
I can already picture these stuffed clams on a platter lined with some fresh greens and lemon wedges for presentation at my Super Bowl party. I also love the idea of having them as a side dish when we do a crab boil. You can't beat the convenience of simply popping them in the oven or on the grill for a quick satisfying snack or appetizer. If you haven't tried Matlaw's Stuffed Clams before, I suggest you look for them. They are awesome! Right now until January 31, they are on sale for only $3.99 per tray at Food Lion stores in North & South Carolina. 


Easy Shrimp & Grits {Recipe}

I made this yummy shrimp and grits dish for dinner last night and it was so good, I thought I would share my recipe. It was very easy and doesn't require a lot of ingredients or time. This was my first time cooking this particular dish and I honestly didn't know what to put in it. We were in Whole Foods (my new favorite store) and picked up a 2-pound bag of peeled and deveined Key West shrimp. I came up with the rest of the ingredients off the top of my head.
What you need:
1-2 pounds of peeled, deveined shrimp rinsed and dried (I used 2 lbs)
1 lemon (I used organic Meyer)
Your favorite dried seasonings (you can see my usual ones here)
Sriracha hot sauce (optional but recommended)
3-4 tbsp pure butter
1 small chopped onion
couple cloves finely minced garlic
fresh, chopped Italian parsley
chopped roma tomatoes
Your favorite brand of grits cooked the way you like it.

What you do:
I like to get my grits started first since they take longer to cook than the shrimp. I cook mine for a minimum of 20 minutes and add some sea salt and a couple tablespoons of pure butter.

Next step is to season your shrimp with what you like. Avoid salt because some seasonings have enough salt in them already.

Heat a large skillet on high heat and add 2 tbsp of your butter. Add your chopped onion and saute for a couple minutes. Now add your shrimp and garlic and cook them for a few minutes. Squeeze in a little sriracha to taste and some lemon juice. Now add the rest of your butter (this helps make a sauce). Last, toss in your Italian parsley and chopped roma tomatoes. Take your shrimp off the stove so your tomatoes don't cook. Serve your shrimp over the grits and enjoy!

This meal took me about 25 minutes to make and my family LOVED it. It cost us about $20 for our family of 5. Not bad considering what a restaurant would charge for this! I think next time I will add some fancy cheese to the grits and maybe even some fresh chopped chives or scallions at the end of cooking.

Let me know if you try this recipe!
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