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When adults get braces

When our older daughter, Chardonnay was in middle school, we all noticed that her teeth were not quite as straight as they could be. Of course, that is very normal for most any kid. Her dad urged her to get braces and continued to shove the idea down her throat highly encourage her to get them for years. She was going through that vain teenage stage where she did not want to have a mouth full of metal for all of those important stages of her high school career- prom, grad photos, and so on.

She is now 22 and finally realized that her teeth were not going to fix themselves. Either she do something about it, or just live with it. It got to the point where she really disliked seeing her smile in photos or in video. She is in the public relations field and there are many times where she has to be at events in get this, the public! She wants to always look her best and came to the point of breaking down and calling the orthodontist.

We tried not to tell her, "I told you so", but we are human, so we made sure to rub it in her face. (kidding) She realized that she should have listened when she was a teen, and has learned her lesson. She is now the not-so-proud owner of a mouth full of braces. They look so good on her and she is struggling with getting used to them. Here is the before and after shot.

It's actually very cute watching her speak, because she has to do the whole roll-your-lip-back-over your braces thing while trying not to drool. She is so angry about it all LOL Every day she is like I am calling the orthodontist so he can rip these things out of my mouth! It has been almost a week and she is still not comfortable with eating. I feel badly for her, but assured her that she will eventually get used to them and make a way to eat what she wants within reason. Of course when you can't properly eat is the time you want to eat EVERYTHING. Chardie has a slight lisp like she did when she was in kindergarten. We make jokes that maybe we need to find her old speech therapist from elementary school. HA!

Overall, she is coping the best she can. We have known a lot of people who got braces way later than she did. Oddly enough, we can already see a difference with her teeth shifting. It is amazing how quickly it happens. Well, she has a little under 2 years to go, so hopefully she will get used to them in the upcoming weeks. She told me the other day that she tells her coworkers to not think she has no enthusiasm about anything anymore. She simply refrains from smiling or laughing because she cuts her mouth easily. Just think, this could all have been done when she was in her teenage years. Oh well, you live and your learn.

Did you get or someone you know get adult braces? If you have any advice for her, please leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by today!

P.S.- for those who often ask about her curls, this is what she uses below (affiliate)


Quit Rubbing Your Low Self-Esteem Off On Your Daughters

I have some things on my mind that I really feel the need to share. I have come to realize that I would be sorely disappointed if I met many of my online friends in person. Why? Because I know you won't look like who you look like on Facebook or Instagram. You know, the filtered or airbrushed version of yourself. I confess, when I first got Instagram I was most excited about having access to photo filters. I thought it was so cool when other women would post their super polished pics and wanted in on it too. I don't take selfies, but one day I took a photo of myself for a brand-related post and viewed my face in a variety of filters-- Valencia, Mayfair, Rise and more. I even added in a little tilt shift to soften the photo up even more. And then it hit me..... What am I doing? I look like some flawless Barbie doll or a wannabe Kardashian. I couldn't go through with posting a photo that wasn't authentically ME. Do filters enhance photos? Yes, they do. The problem I have is that my daughters follow me on social media and obviously know what I truly look like. What am I teaching them? It breaks my heart if I see them use a filter and I beg them not to. I make it a point to remind them how naturally pretty they are and that filters or airbrushing is never needed.

Some of you may have little daughters and think that they aren't paying attention to what you're doing. Trust me, they are! What you say and do has so much to do with how your kids will ultimately feel about themselves. When I was growing up, I watched my mother do whatever it took to fit in or to look better. Her bathroom was filled every beauty product that was available. Let me tell you, I grew up well into my 30's thinking I wasn't pretty enough. I too collected make-up and beauty products galore to make myself look better. Guess what? None of that stuff works! Until I fully accepted my flaws and imperfections, I was able to find the real me. It turns out that I am not half bad, dare I say that I am beautiful! I am 42. I have stretch marks, age spots, gray hair, bags under my eyes and probably more. None of that stuff bothers me any more. I refuse to airbrush myself. I refuse to let social media make me feel like fewer flaws means more likes or followers. I am who I am, and I am beautifully ME.

I urge you to post photos of yourself without any edits. Show your freckles. Show your grays. Show your authentic self. That is the person I'd love to meet- The real you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for reading.

Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings product line for girls (Giveaway) 4 Winners

Does your daughter have hard to manage hair? I know when my daughters were younger, it was a big struggle getting a comb through their super thick, curly hair. They would get so aggravated every time we had to wash/condition it and I can remember the countless tears! A great option for little girls with hard to manage curls is the Beautiful Beginnings line of hair-care products from Dark and Lovely. The relaxer kits come in two formulas: No-Mistake® Smooth Relaxer
No Mistake® Nourishing No-Lye Crème Relaxer and the No-Mistake® Curl Softener. Whether you want to straighten your daughter's hair or just loosen the curls a bit, Beautiful Beginnings might be just what you need! The full line of maintenance products include: shampoo, deep conditioner, detangler, conditioning oil moisturizer and curl cream. The whole product line is infused with coconut oil and Shea butter to help moisturize and protect your daughter's delicate hair.

I am so pleased that the folks from Dark and Lovely are offering up 4 complete sets of products including the relaxer kit and all maintenance products for 4 lucky Momfiles readers to win! Enter below:

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Dark and Lovely provided me with a FREE products to review and all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own.

Shelly, Mom Files

Carmex Summer Giveaway

Hey guys! It's been a while since I have gotten to test out some new goodies from Carmex. I just received this cute beach bag and 6 Carmex sticks just in time to replenish our supply. Yes, I said supply. We always keep extra Carmex on hand! Carmex sent us the sticks in all 6 flavors- Original, Strawberry, Cherry, Lime Twist, Vanilla and the brand new Pomegranate.
My oldest daughter immediately called dibs on the Pomegranate and the younger one picked the Vanilla. Looks like the rest of us will have to duke it our over the others. I personally can't get enough of the Original and the Lime Twist. I always wear it under my lip color and sometimes I will wear just Carmex alone. Who needs color when your lips feel soft and smooth anyway? I also really love the convenience of a stick because it can easily fit in my pocket for days I am not carrying a bag. My daughter is already hooked on the new Pomegranate flavor. She has already requested that we look for it in our local stores so she will have some back-up sticks. What can I say, we are a Carmex family. As I write this post, my 4 year old is begging for a new Cherry Carmex.

Just in time for the summer, Carmex is providing us with an extra gift set just for one lucky Momfiles reader to win. You will get the same beach bag and 6 Carmex sticks like I did. Entering is easy, just check out the Rafflecopter widget below.
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Disclosure: I received a gift set for review purposes and all opinions are 100% my own.
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They insist on growing up

I love my daughters. They are the most outstanding teenagers I have ever known. I don't say that because they are my girls, I say it because it is the truth! They don't act like the average teenager. They push themselves to be the best they can in school, sports and every other area of their life. They carry themselves like young ladies and are a best friend to each other. I am filled with happiness when I listen to some of the conversations they have with each other. My hope is that they always continue to be close and be there for each other.

The girls will be 16 & 18 later this year and Chardie is already looking into college applications. She informed me the other night that although she is a Junior, she has signed up for early application/early acceptance with the college she has dreamed of going to since she was 5. She will find out in November if she gets accepted. *sigh* Although I am so proud and I know that she will get in, I feel like she is half way out the door already. Did I mention that the college is local? She insists that she will always be around because she will still crave her mom's good cooking. Of course I will be there to indulge her! 

Now Brie has turned into this mini grown-up overnight. She stand about 3 inches taller than me and shows no signs of the looking like a little girl. She has really grown up so much not just physically but emotionally. Brie is our very intelligent, lively and colorful child. She keeps us entertained! She is also William's go-to person when he gets into trouble. He will go to Brie and explain what he did and tell her how much trouble he is in (very dramatically) Of course big sister eats it all up and consoles him. She doesn't like seeing him get into trouble but you better believe that if she catches him doing something naughty, she will correct him immediately. 

Little William is going to be 4 later this month. Although I have not missed a single milestone (being a stay-at-home mom) my heart still breaks a little seeing him grow up so fast. I am proud of that little boy though. He has met many milestones in the last year. It's funny, just when you think your kid will never do certain things they surprise you and do it BIG! I am trying to get him prepared for kindergarten. Some days I feel like I am doing a great job but most days I feel like I am not doing enough. That's another post for another day. 

I am just so proud of all my children. They are so inspiring and full of light. I take as much time as I can to watch them, listen to them and take in all the greatness they put out in the world. They are going to do very big things in their lives. I feel so fortunate to have such amazing children! 
Shelly, Mom Files

From princess to diva?

I remember when little girls were referred to as princesses. They would be decked out in pink with ruffles and glitter. They were all things sweet and innocent. Of course times change...people change. Now parents refer to little girls (even babies) as a diva. If you look up the definition of the word diva you will find out that it means a celebrated female singer. Ladies like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey are great examples of a diva. The word "diva" is also used negatively, to describe a celebrity in film or music who is extremely demanding and fussy when it comes to their personal needs or wants.

Now tell me something. Why on earth does a 6 month old baby girl need to be referred to as a diva? Am I missing something here? Little sweet girls are being called a diva like it is a badge of honor. I am not judging you if you do this so please don't get me wrong. I just need some understanding.

What are your thoughts?
Shelly, Mom Files

Mixed feelings

Well volleyball season will be coming to a close next week. Chardie's team improved tremendously this year although it was not enough to take them to the play-offs. Brie's team is undefeated as of this week. Next Wednesday is the final game of the season and that will determine who the District Champions will be. We are facing an equally talented team so it's any one's game. I won't lie, my nerves are bad right now!

I am really happy in some ways that the season is almost over yet really sad. The girls really love the sport and don't want it to end. The bright side of things for them is at least they can have more time for schoolwork, friends and family. During v-ball season they have no life. Just school and volleyball. I have really enjoyed watching some good volley action and next year both girls will be at the same school together. This means only going to one school for both! I really am so happy about that yet at the same time I can't believe little Brie (although she is taller than me) will be a freshman in high school *sighs* I guess growing up is something that can't be avoided. I sure am proud of those girls. At least now I can see them a lot more and I can have my shopping partners back. It's not the same gallivanting all over without them :)
Shelly, Mom Files
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