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Oct 15, 2010

Mixed feelings

Well volleyball season will be coming to a close next week. Chardie's team improved tremendously this year although it was not enough to take them to the play-offs. Brie's team is undefeated as of this week. Next Wednesday is the final game of the season and that will determine who the District Champions will be. We are facing an equally talented team so it's any one's game. I won't lie, my nerves are bad right now!

I am really happy in some ways that the season is almost over yet really sad. The girls really love the sport and don't want it to end. The bright side of things for them is at least they can have more time for schoolwork, friends and family. During v-ball season they have no life. Just school and volleyball. I have really enjoyed watching some good volley action and next year both girls will be at the same school together. This means only going to one school for both! I really am so happy about that yet at the same time I can't believe little Brie (although she is taller than me) will be a freshman in high school *sighs* I guess growing up is something that can't be avoided. I sure am proud of those girls. At least now I can see them a lot more and I can have my shopping partners back. It's not the same gallivanting all over without them :)
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  1. Congrats to the girls for a successful season! It will be nice to have them back around the house more, and like you said, nice that they'll be able to focus on family and school. But I know they will miss it, aww!

    I hope Chase and his brother are one day involved in something so active and healthy and fun. I mean, obviously their dad would LOVE for them to play a sport, but it's really about if they enjoy it and have an inclination for it. We can't force them.


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