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Quit Rubbing Your Low Self-Esteem Off On Your Daughters

I have some things on my mind that I really feel the need to share. I have come to realize that I would be sorely disappointed if I met many of my online friends in person. Why? Because I know you won't look like who you look like on Facebook or Instagram. You know, the filtered or airbrushed version of yourself. I confess, when I first got Instagram I was most excited about having access to photo filters. I thought it was so cool when other women would post their super polished pics and wanted in on it too. I don't take selfies, but one day I took a photo of myself for a brand-related post and viewed my face in a variety of filters-- Valencia, Mayfair, Rise and more. I even added in a little tilt shift to soften the photo up even more. And then it hit me..... What am I doing? I look like some flawless Barbie doll or a wannabe Kardashian. I couldn't go through with posting a photo that wasn't authentically ME. Do filters enhance photos? Yes, they do. The problem I have is that my daughters follow me on social media and obviously know what I truly look like. What am I teaching them? It breaks my heart if I see them use a filter and I beg them not to. I make it a point to remind them how naturally pretty they are and that filters or airbrushing is never needed.

Some of you may have little daughters and think that they aren't paying attention to what you're doing. Trust me, they are! What you say and do has so much to do with how your kids will ultimately feel about themselves. When I was growing up, I watched my mother do whatever it took to fit in or to look better. Her bathroom was filled every beauty product that was available. Let me tell you, I grew up well into my 30's thinking I wasn't pretty enough. I too collected make-up and beauty products galore to make myself look better. Guess what? None of that stuff works! Until I fully accepted my flaws and imperfections, I was able to find the real me. It turns out that I am not half bad, dare I say that I am beautiful! I am 42. I have stretch marks, age spots, gray hair, bags under my eyes and probably more. None of that stuff bothers me any more. I refuse to airbrush myself. I refuse to let social media make me feel like fewer flaws means more likes or followers. I am who I am, and I am beautifully ME.

I urge you to post photos of yourself without any edits. Show your freckles. Show your grays. Show your authentic self. That is the person I'd love to meet- The real you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for reading.

Toyota and Teen Vogue want you to take a pledge "Arrive in Style" #spon [Giveaway]

Winner is Stacie Sayz So. Congratulations! 

*This post was written as part of my association with Toyota for Arrive in Style
With one teenage driver under my roof and one getting ready to get her license and hit the road this summer, it is a stressful time in a mom's life. I still haven't gotten over the fear of something happening when I am not in the car. It is so important to always talk to them about driving safety and be a good example to them. When I am driving the kids, I avoid talking on the cell phone unless it is very important. If I do take the occasional call, it goes something like this, "Hey, I'm driving, I'll call you back". I have been doing that for years and for good reason... safety!

To help educate teen girls about safe driving, Toyota and Teen Vogue are partnering on the “Arrive in Style” initiative.

Through research—Toyota found that 62% of teenage girls report using a cell phone while driving.* And since parents are such a major influence on their teen’s driving habits—they are asking mothers and daughters to sign and share a pledge to drive safely and “Arrive in Style”.

After you sign the Toyota Mutual Driving Agreement pledge at, pledgers are then entered for a chance to win a Teen Vogue Beauty Box. You can also submit an “air-driving” photo with your daughter for the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to NYC to be featured in the February 2014 issue of Teen Vogue. How amazing is that?! To help raise awareness, you can also share your "air driving" photos on Instagram using the hashtag #arriveinstyle

Be sure to share your pledge on Facebook. This will allow each of you to win additional entries in the monthly beauty box giveaway. An easy Facebook “share” feature will pop up on the “Arrive in Style” site after you sign the pledge.

Why Teen Vogue?
Teen Vogue really shares in Toyota’s commitment to empower girls to be safe on the road, so they couldn’t have picked a better partner to create such a unique, fun and informative program with. With a readership of nearly 3.5 million and an additional 3 million plus social followers, Teen Vogue was the ideal partner to get this message out to teen girls. 

Toyota’s Commitment to Safe Driving:

Toyota offers a variety of resources to help all teens become safer drivers – from behind the wheel safe driving clinics, to online games and resources – and this initiative with Teen Vogue is a wonderful way to not only bring awareness to important teen driving issues, but also let teens and parents know that Toyota is here with resources to help them.

Do you have a teen daughter who's driving or learning to? You can enter to win a fabulous beauty box to help reward your teen for safe driving. Enter below:

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This giveaway is open to US Residents only and will end on May 25, 2013. One winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via email. Momfiles is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes. Prize may vary from what it pictured above. Good luck!

I received compensation to help spread the word about this campaign. The prize was provided and may be shipped by Toyota. Toyota is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this giveaway.
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