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Oh no she didn't!

Today I (Sheliza) went to volunteer at my older daughter's school. My task of the day was "book collection". The object of the task was, well... to collect books. Not too bad I thought. I also had to deliver some books to classrooms and I heard the dreaded sound... the school bell. Within a matter of seconds, the hallways were overrun with mobs of students. I was with a couple other moms at the time. We carefully stood on the side to clear ourselves from getting run over. There was a nice girl that I have seen many times (at the carpool pickup line) and she was standing behind me. She does not know me but I am sure she was aware that I was an adult. All of a sudden she starts spewing four letter words about the book cart being in the way. My mouth as well as the other moms' mouths dropped in disbelief. I am not living under a rock someplace that I do not face the facts that kids use curse words, but this time I was shocked that they were blatantly being used in front of adults willingly without a care in the world. Later that day my husband accompanied me to go pick the girls up from school. I was back at the middle school once again. There were two girls walking right by our car and they said the 'F' word at least 3 times and even looked at us in our faces! Girls are so much bolder than boys, it's unbelievable! My husband was so outraged. He immediately told both daughters that if he ever heard another parent say that they heard his child cursing in front of adults, they better be prepared to fight. I let the girls know that they would also need to be prepared to lose the fight! When we were kids, we thought we were big and bad if we said 'hell', but we definitely knew better than to say it in front of a grown up! Too bad things aren't that way anymore. Apparently the word 'respect' has been pulled from the dictionary. Very pathetic.


  1. what in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wait, i just saw this on your blog!

    Quote of the Week
    What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? "Hold my purse"

    hahaha...i love it! :)


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