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Apr 21, 2011

My tribute to working moms

I read about it all the time~ the moms who work full-time jobs and have to come home to laundry, bills, cooking, cleaning...oh yeah and being a mom! You are exhausted from the work day but still you make sure your little ones are fed, bathed, read to and just loved. If your child has a doctor's appointment you put in for a few hours off to take care of it. If you get called at work that your kid is in the nurse's office with a fever, you hop into your mom taxi and whisk them up and make sure you do all you can to cure what ails them. Some of you who blog have obligations to PR firms and have a mountain of posts to publish each night. You somehow manage to get through them even if it means you might get 4 hours of sleep. Some moms are still taking college classes, trying to get to the next level. There are classes, homework and exhaustion yet you persevere. You get that degree. Some of you are doing this alone [without a husband]. You sacrifice everything for the sake of your children. I am in awe of the working mothers who "do it all". You are the ones that wear the cape to me. You are all my hero!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Shelly, thank you for posting this :).

  2. Shelly:

    Okay, so let me wipe the tears out of my eyes so that I can post a comment. Shelly..... this is the sweetest post ever. EVER! Thank you so much for posting this. It's not easy being a working mom (or a stay-at-home mom!), but it's ALWAYS, ALWAYS worth it.


  3. That is so nice. I was a single mom with one child, I went to college and worked. I made it. We made it. She is now almost 21. When I think of those times I get exhausted thinking about it. Wow!

  4. Oh Shelly thank you for this encouraging post. Whether single or attached all us moms are wonderful. Lets wear the super mom cape together :)

  5. This is so sweet! Like, seriously.

    All of it is true for me, except the staying up til all hours to complete PR work. Sometimes I just have to let some things fall behind - mama needs her beauty rest! Hehe!

  6. Thanks Shel!! I appreciate the acknowledgment. I give kudos to all moms, working outside the home or inside the home. (((hugs sis)))

  7. Aww, you're so nice to acknowledge this working mommy. =) Sure I don't taxi anyone anywhere, and Ar's happy with her stay at home/work at home mommy, but it ain't easy to juggle it all!

  8. I agree! I have NO idea how Moms who work out of the home manage to still keep their household running, even with their husband's help. I'm home all day and still overwhelmed!

  9. This is so special and encouraging. This is what all moms should do. Left one another up!


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