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Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone.

Please take time to enjoy the wonderful blessings in your life. God has blessed our family in tremendous ways. Our daughters are growing into wonderful young ladies, my mother and father are getting along so well. ( I now know what it is like to have your parents do and say mushy stuff in front of you - Ugh) Ha ha ha. Now I can relate to how my kids feel when Shelly and I do mushy stuff. Shelly's parents are doing well and her sisters are also. Shelly is just like her mother strong and constantly moving. William (The Young PRINCE) is taking over the house. ( His stuff is everywhere) I will have to remind him that I am Chairman of the Board of Directors for the BBCDO.

I just want to wish everyone a peaceful and blessed day with your family. Take time to remember that Life is about the small moments. The laughs you share with your loved ones. The tears that you release when you're overcome with Joy. The ball you throw or kick, the tea party, book you read, and the conversations you have.

Give love, Give intimacy, and give of yourself.

Love you all, Dwayne aka Ismail the Great


Mar 20, 2008

PRESENTING- William Anthony Ismail


Baby Journey ...

Early in the morning arriving at the hospital.

Sheliza ready to have her baby

William fresh
into the world!

Hey it's cold
out here !

It's a family affair

Everyone was gathered around the nursery window to get their first glimpse of William

(From left to right) Aunty Saudia, Sister Chardonnay, Grandpa Johnnie, Sister Briahnna, and Grandma Joanna.

Grandma looking at William and Shelly


Mar 19, 2008

Happy Birthday William Anthony Ismail

The Moment of Truth is Here !
You have waited a long time for this !
I give you the fabulous, super terrific, powerful, Awesome

William Anthony Ismail


5:21 AM...

Hello everyone,

It is now 5:21 AM and we are getting ready for the hospital. I had to come to the computer to watch Williams' pre-arrival video. I won't lie to you - it did get me feeling a little emotional. I am still hard core though, BBCDO will have a new member soon. I will keep everyone posted through out the day. Keep those prayers coming.

Dwayne Aka Ismail the Great.

Mar 18, 2008


The baby or shall I say young "Prince". Yeah I like that ! The young Prince William Anthony Ismail is almost here. Tomorrow, we all get to experience the wonderful beginning of a successful new life.
To all of our friends and family who have stood by us through this wonderful time in our lives, I want to say THANK YOU, and God Bless you all.
Sheliza and I are still growing together after all this time. The heavens above must have realized that it is time for another Shelly and Dwayne Production. I think we will get an OSCAR for this performance. My first child Chardonnay, made me a father, and my second child Briahnna made me a man. When Briahnna was born Shelly and I were officially on our own. We had no family around and no friends. We were living in Tampa Florida. My only mode of transportation was a mountain bike that I rode between my 4 jobs. Let's just say, I was slim and fine back then. HA HA HA.
We fought our way to build something out of nothing, and with determination, love, trust, and understanding, we are here, we are happy, and we are thankful. This blog has opened more doors to precious relationships than we could have ever imagined.
Thanks for being a part of our family's new beginning, and thanks for being you.
Dwayne Aka Ismail the Great
Brief Show _ William's Pre-Arrival Music- ENJOY


Mar 15, 2008

Only a few days until baby!

Here is a photo that was taken this afternoon (I look drunk!). My hubby and daughters took me out on my last shopping trip for a while. I enjoyed it so much since I am one of those every day to every couple of days grocery shopper. Oh and I saved $72 in coupons and sales!! I am not able to walk as much these days. It is really painful with all the low pressure I have been feeling. I am thankful that at least I sleep pretty decent at night so that is a plus! I've got one last doctor appointment on Monday morning. The hubby is off for the next couple weeks and the girls are going on Spring Break the first week baby William will be home. I am scheduled for 7:30 am and have to report to the hospital at 6:00 to be prepped for surgery. I am trying to shake off all the anxiety so I don't go freaking out at the last minute. I am so ready to get it all over with. My bags are packed and ready. I am sure daddy will let everyone know all of the details and will post photos of our little guy. Well, I better go put my feet up before I get in trouble!

Mar 12, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Here we go....
Another edition of Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday....

Don'tcha hate it when people on reality shows (especially looking for love) cry all the damn time? Why would you cry over Flavor Flav???

Or don'tcha hate when a two year old is allowed to show his/her booty shaking techniques while everyone watches and thinks it's cute? And then the mother will tell the child to drop it like it's hot! Why people!?

What annoys you? Let us know in the comments...

Mar 11, 2008

It's not time yet!

Someone inside of me thinks he is supposed to be making his arrival sooner than later. I had an interesting night and morning. I will spare my gross details. I will take it very easy this week because I really want to make it to next week. I had a family member on Dwayne's side call me around lunchtime yesterday to ask if I was in labor. This is troubling, she better not be spreading any bad mojo around here! I will give more details as they come. I will call my doctor this morning to see what he tells me. As a matter of fact, he looked at me strangely at my appointment yesterday and said "Wow, you must be ready to go, I can see it in your face". I thought it was odd that he said that. I will try not to read into it too much! I will keep you all posted....

Mar 8, 2008

Honey-Do List Maker

I found this great tool online that lets you make your own customized Honey-Do list and there is even a kiddie list you can make! I made one for the weekend for my honey. You can choose your background and there is even a key to show levels of priority. Can you tell that I have less than two weeks before baby William comes and I am losing my mind?


Mar 3, 2008

Dr. Seuss would be proud!

Dr. Seuss' birthday was yesterday, March 2. Since there was no school because it was a Sunday, Briahnna's school is doing a school wide celebration today which will include a variety of activities and reading. To honor the Dr., students were asked to wear crazy socks and/or Dr. Seuss hats. My kid is the number one crazy sock fan year 'round. She will wear Easter socks at Christmas, St. Patrick's socks on Valentines day, and any color she can possibly find to not match her outfit. I just let her because she loves to show her true self and is our "colorful" child. Check out the outfit today....

Yes, winter themed toe socks with flip flops!

Mar 2, 2008

What is your life expectancy?

I came across this really cool Life Expectancy Calculator. Of course this is just for fun so don't go living your life through your calculation! My age comes in at 95, not bad! Try it our for yourself and leave me your results in the comments.
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