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Mar 12, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Here we go....
Another edition of Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday....

Don'tcha hate it when people on reality shows (especially looking for love) cry all the damn time? Why would you cry over Flavor Flav???

Or don'tcha hate when a two year old is allowed to show his/her booty shaking techniques while everyone watches and thinks it's cute? And then the mother will tell the child to drop it like it's hot! Why people!?

What annoys you? Let us know in the comments...


  1. OK, the Flavor Flav thing mystifies me! He's so.....GROSS! How can they keep their lunches down when they have to kiss him? I guess that's why I'm not on that show. :)

  2. Imma need you to remove that beast off this site. He makes me want to throw the opposite of down right now! LOL

    Dontcha hate it when

    *people give their unsolicited advice on YOUR life. geez.

    *your husband comes home early from work to surprise you with flowers and you're sitting on the couch looking like a beast, still in your jammies too. *sigh*

    *strange people wanna rub your belly and you have to refrain from smacking the taste out of their mouth. oh wait, that was for you shelly :)

    Love ya girl...

    7 more days. i cannot wait. no pressure. i'm just saying!

  3. I'm just not a fan of flava, I don't get it!

    You've been awarded!! Stop by and pick it up!!


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