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It's not time yet!

Someone inside of me thinks he is supposed to be making his arrival sooner than later. I had an interesting night and morning. I will spare my gross details. I will take it very easy this week because I really want to make it to next week. I had a family member on Dwayne's side call me around lunchtime yesterday to ask if I was in labor. This is troubling, she better not be spreading any bad mojo around here! I will give more details as they come. I will call my doctor this morning to see what he tells me. As a matter of fact, he looked at me strangely at my appointment yesterday and said "Wow, you must be ready to go, I can see it in your face". I thought it was odd that he said that. I will try not to read into it too much! I will keep you all posted....


  1. Can see it in your face?! what the heck does that mean?! silly doctor. Doesn't he know he's dealing with a very pregnant woman and NO COMMENT will go unnoticed?!

  2. Stop answering the phone unless it's me calling of course :)

    Don't let people worry you. Stay out the doctor's office too. Tell him you'll see him in 8 days!


    p.s. let the baby cook! :)

  3. Uh oh, I'm guilty too. I was wondering if you'd go into labor earlier than your floating baby ticker indicated. I'll stop wondering now.


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