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Dr. Seuss would be proud!

Dr. Seuss' birthday was yesterday, March 2. Since there was no school because it was a Sunday, Briahnna's school is doing a school wide celebration today which will include a variety of activities and reading. To honor the Dr., students were asked to wear crazy socks and/or Dr. Seuss hats. My kid is the number one crazy sock fan year 'round. She will wear Easter socks at Christmas, St. Patrick's socks on Valentines day, and any color she can possibly find to not match her outfit. I just let her because she loves to show her true self and is our "colorful" child. Check out the outfit today....

Yes, winter themed toe socks with flip flops!


  1. I love her outfit!!! Happy Birthday Briahnna! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Bri!!!!!!

    Look at her! She is doing it up! :)


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