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Unique Naan Pizzas from Tandoor Chef- Review

October is National Pizza Month and pizza lovers everywhere should celebrate! Pizza seems to be the one food that is a go-to favorite. My family loves pizza and likes trying different varieties. Tandoor Chef has come out with a line of Naan Pizzas in some very unique varieties:  Cilantro-pesto, Roasted Eggplant, Margherita, Spinach & Paneer Cheese and Jalapeño. The minute I saw eggplant, I knew I had to try it.
They hand-stretch their naan and all of the ingredients are natural and contain no GMO's. This variety is also vegetarian which is a plus. But, what about the taste? I really thought this came from one of those swanky pizza places that makes specialty varieties with a big price tag attached. It was truly restaurant quality in every way. The flavors were very bold and they did not skimp on the eggplant. I reserved a piece for my husband to try and he never thought the day would come that he would like any food with eggplant on it. We were both impressed!
Tandoor Chef Naan Pizzas are great option if you are looking for a different take on ordinary pizza. I found them at my local Whole Foods market and will be requesting that my regular grocery stores consider carrying them. You can look up your city in the store locator. I don't think I will have to order out anymore with these fabulous pizzas! If you are able to find them, I very highly recommend you give it a try. Don't be mad at me when you become hooked though :-)

You can learn more about Tandoor Chef naan pizzas and other entrees on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

I received product vouchers for complimentary items for review purposes. All opinions are my own as always. 

Family Tailgating with Bojangles' (Reveiw & Giveaway) #TailgateEverythingPromo

Fall is all about football and tailgating. Whether you attend games in person or watch it on TV, food is a big part of it. We catch most games at home and I do my best to have good game food prepared. Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking or even cleaning for that matter. Good thing there’s the Bojangles’ family meal that is perfect for our at-home tailgating. You can choose the 8 or 12 piece depending on the size of your party and it comes with everything you need to make your tailgate gathering easier and tastier. You can choose from their classic fixin's as they call them here in the south. They even include your choice of their Legendary Iced Tea or Lemonade as well as cups, plates and napkins.

I say YES to not messing up pots, pans, dishes or standing in front of a hot grill. For a limited time, you can order their yummy football shaped BoBerry biscuits. It works as the perfect dessert! I can see ordering a couple dozen to take into the workplace or school to share with friends. I was able to add a 6-pack of them onto my 8-piece box for an additional $1.99.
My family LOVES Bojangles' chicken and biscuits. On occasion when I take a break from cooking, it's not unusual for us to grab a family meal from there. It is also our road trip stop for breakfast.

Here are a few facts you might not know about Bojangles' chicken, biscuits or tea:
  • Bojangles’ biscuits are made from scratch using fat-free buttermilk and always served warm and fresh, no more than 20 minutes after coming out of the oven. Bojangles’-certified biscuit-makers use the same recipe today that was perfected by Bojangles’ founders in 1977.
  • Bojangles’ delicious bone-in fried chicken is shipped fresh daily, marinated for 12 hours, then hand-dipped and breaded.
  • Bojangles’ Legendary Iced Tea is made the old-fashioned way – it’s freshly steeped tea that’s brewed every day.  
Bojangles’ is also holding an Instagram contest offering the chance to win a Bojangles’ Tailgate Prize Pack every week, which includes a set of cornhole boards, $100 Bojangles’ gift card and two Bojangles’ tailgating chairs. Details are on – simply share a photo of friends or family tailgating with Bojangles’ on Instagram using #TailgateEverythingPromo for a chance to win!

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Disclosure: I received gift cards from Bojangles' to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own as always.

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free for back-to-school (Giveaway) #ad

I received some yummy samples to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own as always. 
I have noticed that so many of my friends and family have transitioned to gluten-free foods for a variety of health reasons. I have considered it for my family, but we are big on texture. Gluten-free has tasted like cardboard in the past and that has turned us off. When I did some research on gluten-free Canyon Bakehouse breads, I was drawn in to the fact that they say their breads are soft and have a texture close to traditional breads. I just had to find out for myself. I received a nice assortment of breads for my family to try out including: Cinnamon Raisin, Mountain White, 7-Grain and Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffins.
I decided to start with the Cinnamon Raisin bread for breakfast. I like my bread toasted so I popped it in on a low setting before I spread a thin layer of butter on it. I took a bite and then another. I was indeed shocked that it had the same texture that I am used to with cinnamon raisin bread. Also, it wasn't overly sweet which is good.

The next one I tried was the 7-Grain bread. I made a sandwich for lunch and decided to try a tiny corner without toasting it. I think I am still too new to gluten-free bread so I toasted it lightly. That did the trick! It tasted like a rich Artisan bread I would buy from a bakery. It was really hearty and filling. I can't believe that this regular bread eater might just be convinced to make the switch! I searched the store locator to see if there were any stores in my area that carry them and to my surprise, I found 4 locations. You can also order baked goods directly from the website. Right now, they have a special if you order "one of everything", you can get $5 off.  They even have a page dedicated to recipes using their products. I think there will be some cinnamon raisin French toast being made in the near future.

At school about 2 students in each classroom have a food allergy. To help parents prepare for the school year, here’s our checklist for staying safe with food allergies:

Tips for Staying Safe at School With Food Allergies

  • Keep teachers and staff in the know – Set up a meeting before the first day of school with your child’s teacher, the school nurse and principal to talk about your child’s allergies.
  • Provide a list of safe and unsafe foods for your child – Especially with gluten allergies, many people don’t understand what it is or where it can be found. Creating a quick run-down of foods to avoid will eliminate fear or confusion on the school’s part.
  • Make an allergy action plan – Provide the school staff with medical information, emergency contact info and a food allergy action plan in case your child has a reaction at school.
  • Attitude is everything – Along with school staff, it’s important to talk to your child about the allergy so he/she understands it. If you don’t treat the allergy as something “weird” then they won’t feel embarrassed.
Try these gluten-free breakfast ideas: 
  • Cinnamon Raisin bread with almond butter or peanut butter.  Canyon’s Tip: choose all-natural nut butters to avoid harmful trans fats. 
  • Mountain White cheese and avocado sandwich.  Canyon’s Tip: Avocados are a great source of healthy fat for energy and keeps the belly full.   
  • 7-Grain toast with a slice of turkey. Canyon’s Tip: lunch foods (ie: turkey) make great breakfast foods since they’re low sugar and full of protein.
  • Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffin with a hard-boiled egg.  Canyon’s Tip: hard-boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday for quicker prep each morning.
Do you want to try out Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-free breads for yourself? One Mom Files reader will win an assortment of baked goods including: Cinnamon Raisin, Mountain White, 7-Grain and Cranberry Canyon Crunch Muffins. Enter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Salba Chia Seeds-- Where have you been all my life?

For some time now, I have been really curious about chia seeds. I know, I know-- I'm so late. Seriously though, I have been wanting to try them since I have been hearing so many good things about them. I received a fabulous box of samples from Salba Smart to try out. 
Salba chia comes both in whole seeds and ground. I read some material that was enclosed in my package and was blown away by the healthy benefits chia seeds provide. Salba is gluten free, raw, vegetarian/vegan, non-GMO, non allergenic, and has a neutral flavor profile. Salba can be easily incorporated into any recipe to boost the nutrition, which is especially beneficial in more specialized diets. Salba's water absorption properties and high fiber make it excellent for increasing satiety, which is important to maintaining healthy weight. Salba also increases your energy, makes your nails, hair, and skin healthier, and improves regularity.
We tried Salba whole seeds on salad first. I love the fact that chia seeds are practically flavorless. This makes adding a super healthy punch to foods much easier. Me and my husband absolutely love Salba on our salads. Seriously, we have been missing out for so long. The amazing part is staying full longer from eating a salad. This was a first for both of us. I have been adding some seeds on top of my cereal and even our six year old has been asking for them on his oatmeal. This is really good since school starts back in exactly two weeks. I worry about him staying full until lunch time. Looks like we have found a new pantry staple in our household. I love the fact that you can purchase single serving packets. This makes it easy for me to send in my husbands lunch box. 

I plan to incorporate Salba chia seeds into breakfast muffins, yogurt, smoothies and more. To find out more about Salba Smart chia products, check out their website. They have a recipes tab and such great tips on how to use them in general. These tips were very useful to me. Check them out:

Have you tried chia seeds? What is your favorite way to have them?

IHOP's New World Scrambles (Review)

Last week I visited my local IHOP to check out the latest World Scrambles menu offerings with my younger daughter. I think everyone else had the same idea to visit IHOP at the exact same time so the restaurant was slammed! I decided to go with the Californian Scramble and my daughter went with the All-American Bacon Scramble.
Each World Scramble is made to order and perfectly paired with golden hash browns and your choice of a warm flour tortilla, toast, or two of IHOP restaurant’s classic buttermilk pancakes. You can also add bacon or sausage for an additional cost. We both when with the famous IHOP pancakes. 

When my entree came, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of salsa that was on top of my eggs. You can't really tell from the photo, but there was fresh avocado slices underneath the salsa that made it look like it was way more. The whole combination of the eggs, cheese, salsa and avocado screamed California! My mouth was happy. I did not leave a single bite on my plate. I was very satisfied and really enjoyed the Californian Scramble. 
My daughter kept things simple with the All-American Bacon Scramble. She was pleased with how much bacon was incorporated in the eggs and liked the fresh bite of tomatoes as well. I think she said she would be full for the next three days after she finished her meal! 
Overall, we were very pleased with our meals and recommend you try them, but hurry, they are only available until September 7. For more information or to find an IHOP restaurant near you, please visit  Follow IHOP on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a gift card from IHOP to try out the latest menu offerings. All opinions expressed are my own as always. 

IHOP Summer Signature Pancakes Review

I headed over to IHOP this week to check out the Summer Signature Pancakes. I had the hardest time trying to decide which variety of pancakes I wanted. 
The choices were:
Strawberry Banana Cream Pie Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes layered with banana cream, topped with glazed strawberries & sliced fresh bananas bring the delicious flavor of everyone’s favorite summertime pie to the breakfast table.

Raspberry Peach Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes topped with juicy peaches & drizzled with raspberry sauce that pairs two of summer’s most popular fruit flavors.

Blueberry Cannoli Cream Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberry compote & perfectly sweetened Ricotta captures the essence of this classic Italian dessert.

I finally decided on the Raspberry Peach Pancakes and made it regular combo with 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon and hash browns. I also had the option of choosing just the pancakes, which comes with 4.
I love the pancakes at IHOP even without toppings so I was so excited to try these. It was love at first bite. The raspberry sauce was perfectly sweet and tart and the peaches were crisp and delicious. These pancakes certainly tasted like summer!  I ate every last bite and almost wished I had ordered the 4 pancakes instead! Of course, the combo items were delicious and both plates were empty. Aside from how satisfied I was with the taste, this entree only cost $5.99! Of course, prices may vary by location.  Impressive for such good quality as well as quantity. I will have to take my husband to try these pancakes next week for his birthday.

If you plan to visit IHOP soon, be sure to check out the Summer pancakes. You won't be disappointed! Stay connected to IHOP on the web, Facebook and Twitter for promotions and updates.

I received a gift card from IHOP to try out the newest menu items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own as usual. 

Summertime with Santa Cruz Organic Lemonades- Review & Giveaway

I received complimentary product samples for review purposes. All opinions are my own as always. 
One of my favorite beverages to drink throughout the summer months is lemonade. I love different flavors too-- strawberry, cherry and mango to name a few. I tried the Santa Cruz Organic brand for the first time this week. My husband was so curious about what the mango lemonade would taste like, so we tried that one first. Before I actually took the first sip, I sniffed it. It smelled as if I just peeled a fresh, ripe mango. I went in for the first taste. It was like a mango and lemon explosion in my mouth. I was able to taste each flavor and combined, it was fantastic! I love that it was not too sweet and had the right amount of tart bite to it. My husband really loves the mango variety and has claimed what's left in the bottle for himself. That shocked me because he is a very traditional person when it comes to food or drink. He usually sticks to original flavors.

I love that these lemonades are made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and are packaged in shelf-stable glass bottles. That makes it perfect for stocking up when they are on sale. I noticed a big end cap of them at my local Kroger the other day, so I hope to grab a few bottles of other flavors to try in the future.

About Santa Cruz Lemonades:
Santa Cruz Organic® Lemonades are certified organic in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture's organic regulations.  Bearing the official USDA Organic seal, Santa Cruz Organic® Lemonades are guaranteed to be organic, from the ingredients through the recipe-batching process, and into the bottle.  This assures product integrity and supports efforts for environmental responsibility.

Santa Cruz Organic® Lemonades come in Cherry, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Original Lemonade. I want to try them all! You can find a location near you here that sells these lemonades.

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Healthier Snacking with Nonni's #THINaddictives - Review & Giveaway

I received products samples in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 
I'm a natural born snackaholic. I crave snacks throughout the day and always like to find something different to try. I have been a huge fan of Nonni's Biscotti for many years. I was excited about their latest product-- THINaddictives. The name was very fitting for this amazing snack. 
I received a couple boxes of THINaddictives in two varieties-- Banana Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Oat. They are jam packed with almonds and have the most crunchy texture, with a lightly sweet taste. The added blueberries, banana and dark chocolate really stand out in these almond thins. They are great with coffee or tea in the morning and can be taken on-the-go for a quick, satisfying snack you can feel good about eating. 
The new flavors maintain the product’s tradition of being made with real, wholesome ingredients, like California almonds and fruit baked into every bite. Created for those seeking a healthy indulgence, THINaddictives are:

·         Low in sugar (5 grams or less per serving)

·         Low in carbohydrates (14 grams or less per serving)

·         Low calorie (100 calories per serving)

·         Available in five delicious flavors, including Cranberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Pistachio, NEW Banana Dark Chocolate and NEW Blueberry Oat.
Nonni’s THINaddictives will host a Facebook giveaway to honor the new flavors May 19-June 1. Fans can choose whether they are “Team Banana” or “Team Blueberry” to entered for a chance to win free THINaddictives!

Be sure to connect with Nonni's THINaddictives for products updates and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Plan your next birthday party with SUBWAY Catering ($50 GC Giveaway) #SUBWAYcatering

**CLOSED** The winner is Sheena Tatum-- Congratulations! 

This post is sponsored by SUBWAY, but opinions are all my own.
Planning birthday parties can be a stressful task. There's the guest list, invitations, decorations, tableware, food and so much more. If your schedule is as busy as mine, time is precious. I love to offer my guests nice food and drinks and feel like that part of party planning is the most time consuming. Sometimes just coming up with a menu will make me crazy. I have been introduced to a great way to take the stress out of party menu planning and get back the countless hours I would lose. SUBWAY Catering is here to save your sanity. The website is very user friendly and you can order your entrees, sides, dessert and drink all with a few clicks of your mouse! I did it for myself and believe me, it was life-changing! I have been party menu planning the wrong way all my life. Let me break it down for you...

The first step is to go to the SUBWAY Catering website and find a location you would like you use. Some stores even offer delivery service for more added convenience. Next, you can view the menu items which range from platters & trays, giant subs, to-go boxed meals, dessert, sides and drinks. The offerings vary by store. Here is an example of what it looks like:
You can select what types of entrees you want. I went with the Classic Combo Platter and was able to pick which variety of bread I want, cheese or no cheese and all of the toppings and sauces. 
I went with the option of having a variety of breads and I am so glad I did! If your guests might be picky about toppings, you can opt for a toppings platter so they can pick and choose as they please. Once you finish with your order, choose your pick-up date/time, you then pay for it online. You can even use a SUBWAY gift card like I did. It's a very quick process and you will receive an email with your order number. I suggest signing up for an account because YOU WILL need it for future orders. The entire ordering process took me about 20 minutes. Imagine not having to make a shopping list, go to the grocery store, shop around for ingredients or stand in line to pay for it all. Oh and you are bound to forget something along the way! SUBWAY Catering really made this task so easy. 

I threw a mini belated birthday/you-are-doing-a-super-job in school party for my son William. We purchased some Power Rangers themed decorations, plates, napkins and cups from Party City. They had everything we needed and it was easy to get in and out of the store. I called ahead to my local SUBWAY store that I placed my order to make sure it would be ready for my 11:30 AM requested pick-up time. It turned out that my order was ready ahead of schedule. I made the quick five -minute drive and my order was handed to me right away. I had such a great experience with the staff and they even offered additional plates and napkins for my party. Everything was put together so nicely.

Here are some photos from our intimate little party..

Don't these sandwiches look delicious?!
It was so nice having a variety of subs that everyone found something (or several things) they liked. The cookies were very fresh and chewy the way my family likes. 

My son is my picky eater and he enjoyed his sub. I had to take the toppings off of his. The bread was so fresh and soft, so I think that encouraged him to eat it all. Our family enjoyed everything! This was truly the easiest party I have ever planned. I was discussing future events and already know that the menu portion is taken care of. I may never cook for a party again! SUBWAY Catering platters and subs are a great choice for birthdays, graduations, office functions, class parties, field trips, sporting events and more. I had a great experience and highly recommend you give them a try!

SUBWAY Catering has teamed up with Party City for an exciting new promotion! With any SUBWAY Catering purchase, from now until May 30th, you’ll receive a special link giving SUBWAY customers $10 off a $50 order at Party City. Be sure to connect with SUBWAY on Twitter and like them on Facebook for product promotions and updates.

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Red Robin introduces new Interactive Allergen Menu ($25 RR GC Giveaway)

May is National Allergy Awareness Month. Red Robin restaurant has come out with a new Customizer Hub for guests to to modify their food or beverage order to suit their taste or dietary preferences. If a guest has a food allergy, the Red Robin team member will ring in the order with an allergy alert and bright type so it is clear on the table order. The Customizer Hub is so easy to use and starts out by letting you choose your allergen-specific triggers. Here is what it looks like:
Once you pick the ingredients to avoid, you can go into specific menu categories or choose from suitable options to customize your meal. 
What makes this so great is that they offer suggestions on what is suitable and also foods suitable with modifications. My daughter was able to order a Teryaki Chicken sandwich and we requested it with no mayo. We have some good family friends who have food allergies and sensitivities that we frequently meet up with at Red Robin for lunch or dinner. I have introduced them to the Customizer Hub and they are thrilled with how much easier it is to order their meals. It helps to be able to know in advance what menu item ingredients are and what to avoid. 
Red Robin offers so many choices that are sure to satisfy any taste. I couldn't go to my favorite burger place without having an actual gourmet burger. I tried one of their newest burgers called the Black and Bleu. Oh my word, it was hands-down the BEST burger I have ever tasted. It starts off as a juicy, half- pound Black Angus burger {handmade and flame-grilled to order} and is topped with sautéed, blackened portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, house-made Bleu cheese sauce and Bleu cheese crumbles with Dijon sauce on a Ciabatta bun.  It says that it's a "fork-and-knife" type of burger. That is exactly how I ate it!
My husband was commenting how family-friendly Red Robin is. We noticed a lot of birthday gatherings as well as large groups while we were there. I highly recommend you give Red Robin a try if you haven't already. 

Information about the Interactive Allergen Menu:

·         Red Robin’s Customizer Hub on allows Guests to test-drive different combinations of ingredients and enjoy their Red Robin menu favorites while keeping within their dietary restrictions. The Customizer Hub gives guest two options: “Customize Your Nutrition” and “Build a Customized Allergen Menu.”

·         Red Robin’s Interactive Allergen Menu provides order recommendations based on guests’ allergies and allows them to view a menu that is tailored to their specific dietary needs. 

·         Red Robin trains all restaurant Team Members to allow guests to modify their Red Robin food or beverage order to suit their taste or dietary preferences. If a guest has a food allergy, the Red Robin team member will ring in the order with an allergy alert and bright type so it is clear on the table order. 

·         This allergen alert appears in easily noticeable bright, red and bold letters on the order and notifies the kitchen that a special allergen kit is required for the order. Red Robin uses allergen kits to prepare all allergen orders. The kits include tools that are for use on allergen orders only and are purple to clearly distinguish them from other kitchen tools. Purple is the color of Allergen Awareness.

·         Red Robin provides the guest with information so they can make an educated decision on what to order themselves, whether it’s for food intolerances or food allergies.

**Just in time for Allergen Awareness Month, Omission Pale Ale will be available at participating Red Robin restaurants nationwide, beginning May 12. Omission Pale Ale, a gluten-free beer, is part of a delicious line of craft beers brewed with malted barley, but specially crafted to remove gluten. Red Robin believes it is important for Guests to have options and information to make educated decisions and is offering Omission Pale Ale on its Interactive Allergen Menu.

Connect with Red Robin on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for product updates and promotions. 

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I received a gift card to Red Robin for my family to test out the Customizer Hub. The Red Robin information and gift cards have been provided by Red Robin. All opinions are mine. 

Life is Good Coffee Review & Giveaway (2 winners) CLOSED

CLOSED-- Winners are Atasha M and Sharon H. Congratulations! 
Every single morning, I start my day with coffee. Even if I only have one cup, it is a must-have. I was so happy to receive 3 of the new coffees from Life is Good. Just the name alone makes me feel lively. Life is Good coffee comes in 5 delicious flavors--Light Hearted, Happy Medium, Dark & Daring, Banana Bread Bliss and S'more to Love. They are UTZ Certified for sustainable farming and 10% of net profits go to helping kids in need. How can you not feel good about that? 
The 3 flavors I received to try are: Happy Medium, S'more to Love and Dark & Daring. I let my hubby pick which flavor we would try first. We went with Happy Medium. We are big fans of a medium roast and this one was really good! It is the perfect well-balanced blend, very smooth yet rich at the same time. We plan to try the S'more to Love flavor this weekend. It sounds amazing!
Check out the website for coffee specials. You can also see if there are any stores in your area that carry it. I am so happy that my local Publix supermarket carries Life is Good coffee. I even saw them on sale last week. Be sure to connect to Life is Good on Facebook and Twitter for product updates and promotions. 
I am so thrilled to offer a giveaway for two lucky Mom Files readers to win 3 bags of Life is Good Coffee each. Enter below:
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I received complimentary samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine as always. 
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