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The Best Things to Wear With Leggings, Jeggings and those Skinny Jeans

They’re a classic part of our wardrobes at this point: leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans. Basically, anything that doesn’t put a lot of fabric around our ankles and show off just how long our legs are. These are comfortable, fun, and tend to be easier to wear than anything else. However, it can get a little difficult to find something that you really want to wear with them.

Add Some Scrunched Up Hobo Socks
Looking for a little more warmth over your leggings or jeggings? Adding a great pair of socks at any length can make the look feel warmer and cozier. Go for the classic legwarmers look or just add a chunky pair of socks. There are so many options out there with great detailing, from buttons to lace.

Just make sure that you have some breathing room and that your socks are at the same height.

Dare to Go High with High Shafted Boots
How high are you willing to go? Since leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans are all tight all the way up, it is easy to pair them with high shafted boots – go to the knee or to the thigh for a put together look. No matter what else you have on, these boots help you to look just a little more put together.

Have smaller legs? Add the socks mentioned above under the boots for a better fit and extra warm protection.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sky High Heels
Part of the reason we wear skinny jeans and leggings is because they make our legs look amazing – but so do high heels. When you pair a great pair of pumps with this type of legwear, you get a really amazing final look that will make you look leaner, taller, and more confident with every step that you take.

Make sure that if you are wearing leggings you use closed toe shoes – especially if you have a little bit that has to stick near the toe!

Classic, Cool, Country Cowboy Boots for Casual Days
One of the classic ways to wear your skinny jeans is with a great pair of cowboy boots. Whether you are going to a country concert, a music festival, Target, or even working outside, cowboy boots are always a lot of fun.

Just make sure that your belt and your boots match – no fashion faux pas.

Modern, Patterned Tunics Make a Perfect Pairing
Tunics have returned in a big way, and they have no sign of going away anytime soon. Whether you pick a simple tunic that skirts around your curves or you belt your tunics, they look great with a pair of leggings sticking out from under them. Mix and match styles for a fashion forward look or pair them with similar styles for a cohesive feel.

Even better, take one small element from the tunic and match it to your leggings or jeggings.

Under Your Boyfriend’s (or Husband’s Shirt)
Have to dressed in a hurry? Want to be comfortable? Take an oversized shirt from your husband or boyfriend (or buy one for yourself, this is 2017!) and throw it over skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings. The different between the tightness on your legs and the bagginess of the shirt will make for great visual appeal. This is a great look for just hanging out around the house or spending lazy weekends running errands.

Just make sure he hasn’t left any stains on it!

Cute and Comfy Oversized Sweaters
Just like an oversized shirt, oversized sweaters are a great way stay comfortable and still look cute. For days when it is just a little chilly outside, adding an oversized sweater or even a hoodie can be a comfortable look.

Add sneakers to make the look more casual or high shafted boots to look a little bit like that famous pop singer…

Chic Belted Trench Coat For Rainy Days
Raining outside? Most of us reach for the skinny jeans or leggings on those days because they fit easily into our rain boots and they don’t get as wet if we step into a puddle. Throw a cute trench coat over for some more protection and a cute look. Add a belt to give your body more shape, especially if you have a longer trench coat.

Match your wellies and your trench coat and then go for a pop of color with your leggings if you are feeling fun.

Professionally Tailored Blazer At the Office
Want to be comfortable and casual but still look like a tough business woman? Add a nicely tailored blazer and a crisp shirt overtop your leggings or skinny jeans. This look is still approachable and comfortable but still professional enough. It is also a look that easily transitions from work to picking up the kids, going to coffee, or even going out.

With a Kicky Mini Dress
Have patterned leggings? Put them under a great solid mini dress and add a blazer for a look you can wear into the office. If you have solid leggings, you can put them under just about any dress to really set off the pattern and rich colors of the dress.

No matter what you do, make sure that you have a great selection of skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings in your wardrobe. They come in many different colors, washes, styles, and levels of distressing, so you’ll have a great option for every event.


The 7 Types of Boots Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe This Fall

Knee high boots. Rain boots. Riding boots. Combat boots. Low boots. Thigh high boots. Black boots. Brown boots.

Overwhelmed yet? There are so many different kinds of boots on the market today that it can seem overpowering at times – what is the right boot to pick or do you have to buy 20 different pairs? Well, the true answer is that there really isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to the boot problem. However, you’re in luck because we have narrowed the number of boots to 7:

Overjoyed with Over the Knee

The shaft of your boot can go just about as high as you are comfortable with this fall – whether that means above the knee or all the way to your thigh.  Some people don’t think that boots that go over the knee can be comfortable, but a pair with added stretch or laces ensures a comfortable, tailored fit. Over the knee boots are a great option for those nights when you want to look a little more formal, but it is too cold to wear traditional high heels or strappy sandals.

It’s best to stay classic with black, brown, or gray for the fall, especially when you are wearing rich patterns and heavy fabrics. Over the knee boots look best with dresses and tunics with tights, though you can also pair them with jeggings. To double up on trends, over the knee boots in velvet are a splurge piece that you will cherish.

Comfortable Cowboy Boots

No matter what part of the world you come from, cowboy boots have a place at all fall activities. Fall is a huge time for music festivals, and cowboy boots while obviously great for country music, they fit right in and classic rock concerts too. They are also comfortable enough to go apple picking or pumpkin picking, and for a night around the bonfire.

You can’t go wrong with cowboy boots, during fall they are especially great with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into them or a great pair of simple tights or if it’s warm enough your favorite dress. Add in a denim jacket or a paisley scarf to continue with the theme, or do something completely out of the box and find a pair of boots with embroidery or glitter.

Ever Ready Lace Ups

Fall has a way of presenting us with opportunities to do many different activities at the drop of a hat – one moment you are going to a football game, and the next you are sitting on a hayride getting scared out of your mind. For fall, you will definitely need a pair of shoes that can “do it all” with you.

A simple, sturdy pair of lace up boots can cover just about any situation that you put them into. They are perfect to keep your toes warm while you find your way in a corn maze and still comfortable enough that you won’t have to worry about blisters.

Classic lace up boots come in black and brown, but many stores have them in deep cognac or burnt sienna. With the plethora of color options, they add an outdoorsy touch to your jeans or a hip look to your sweater tights.

Fashion-Forward Chelsea Boots

If you don’t recognize the name “Chelsea Boots,” don’t worry – not many people do. However, you will recognize the classic style and pattern of the boots. The iconic side panels make the shoe more comfortable when you are wearing it, thanks to the added elastic stretch, and the leather ensures that classic boot look that everyone loves.

Wear these when you will have a lot of walking to do but you still want to have a sleek, chic look. They are best paired with your favorite pair of dark colored pants.

Dutiful Duck Boots

Winter weather happens, even in the fall, and it is always a damper on your wardrobe to slip and break a heel (or an ankle). Classic duck boots are the newest “pretty ugly” trend to hit popular culture this year. While you won’t find them on all of the Paris runways, you will find them on people who do a lot of walking on treacherous grounds.

If you have to walk across ice to get into the office or there are puddles everywhere at the holiday parade, you won’t have to worry about slipping, wet socks, or even cold feet. These have extra insulation, extra tread, and added rubber.

Duck boots come primarily from L.L. Bean, but you can get them just about everywhere now that they have become popular again. These work best with slim-legged silhouettes, but they can work with just about everything as they are more purposeful than they are fashionable.

Rockin’ Rocker Boots

You’ve seen them on everyone from Juliette Louis to Steven Tyler, so you know that they are a little edgy but they still bring the comfort to have a good time and not worry about getting blisters or breaking a heel.

Rocker boots have thick, chunk heels that are about 2-3 inches high with no platform. They are usually made out of suede, though a few lines have recently shown them covered in glitter. While they might sound a bit outlandish, they are actually the perfect pairing for the rich patterns and materials you wear only in the fall. They look absolutely amazing with long skirts, jeans of all kinds, and even with dresses.

These boots aren’t for the faint of heart or those who aren’t willing to break out of their comfort zones – but they can work on every single woman.

Cozy Sock Boots

They make boots that are extended in the ankle, they make boots that are normal in the ankle, but what about those of us who have bony ankles? Boots that sag or sink down are never comfortable or chic, but for many people, it is the only option that we have if we want to wear boots.

These boots fit close to the ankle (but many pairs have stretch so just about everyone can wear them) and make a streamlined look. If you are the type of person who gets cold ankles or feet while you are walking outside to attend fall festivals or watching a game, then you will love that these shoes block all of that cold air from getting to your foot.

As these shoes are meant to be thin, you won’t want to stuff denim or leggings into them, so these require a look all of their own. Sock boots look best with wide legged trousers or on bare legs, if it isn’t too cold.

With these seven boots, you will be prepared for just about every situation you encounter this fall. You won’t have to worry about blisters, weak ankles, slipping, tripping, or cold feet. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the little things that make fall the best season of all.

Thank you Jennifer Monahan for this guest post. 

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