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Mom's fashion should be No nonsense

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Being a mom is a tough job in itself, but being a mom who looks like she's got some sense of fashion sometimes seems impossible. For me, my fashion sense usually refers to wearing black, grey, denim and of course, black. My family often expresses how I need to add some color to my every day look. No nonsense tights and leggings  are an affordable and simple way to incorporate a splash of color. No nonsense tights and leggings can be easily found at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores.This is great news especially if you are on a tight budget.  I created a look that takes my usual love of black and kicked it up with some purple tights. What do you think? I could see myself exploring different colors and looks with these fun tights. I plan to show my family that my wardrobe can consist of another color besides black!

No nonsense is teaming up with fashion expert Jill Martin to show women how to wear the latest trends that include colored tights and essential leggings. She will be very active on social media to give her tips and advice. I know I need to take some time to get some of her advice. I am turning 40 this year and really could use some fashion help! Check out the short video below:

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  1. Love how you added the pop of color. I love leggings because the can be dressed up or down and great for everyday.

  2. What a great and simple way to add some color to an outfit. I'm loving the shawl and purple highlights. If wear a similar outfit you have to post a photo :)

  3. Love colored tights. 2 thumbs up.

  4. NICE POST!!! Fashion designing has a mammoth scope. Fashion designing is an upcoming career and promises a great return.


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