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PERDUE® OVEN READY Chicken Review #gotitfree

I have been cooking since I was at least 12. With so many years of practice under my belt, I have tried many techniques for cooking particular foods and once I find what works, I stick with it. I make a fabulous toasted chicken that comes out perfect every time. When I got the offer to try out the PERDUE® OVEN READY Chicken I was curious. The things that drew me in to want to try it was that it was from a well-known brand and their chickens are raised cage-free, without any hormones or steroids. I am very particular about what chicken I feed my family.
As a BzzAgent, I received a coupon to try out any variety of the Perdue Oven Ready products for free. I went with the whole seasoned roaster since I am not a big chicken breast fan. It was $10.99 and I thought it was a bit expensive. When I picked up the bag I realized that it was very heavy. I opened the outer packaging and inside was a heavy plastic cooking bag that contained the fully seasoned chicken inside. You have no idea how scared I was. I am not used to every using preseasoned chicken (or anything food for that matter) and the fact that it was packed in a bag that was made for cooking meant  that I couldn't sneak my own touches inside. All I had to do was cut a once inch slit over the breast area and put it in my preheated oven for the recommended cooking time. 
The roasted chicken aroma was nice but how was it going to taste? I pulled my chicken out of the oven and cut open the bag. Inside was a gorgeously browned bird full of natural juices. I reserved the drippings to make homemade gravy to go with my side dishes as well as on top of the chicken in the event it was dry. To my surprise and delight, the chicken was super moist and tasty. There was enough seasoning and quite honestly, it tasted like how I would season a whole chicken.
As always, the true test is to see what my family thinks. My husband commented several times and said, "now, that's some good chicken!" He said it tasted like I seasoned it my way and it was extra moist. He even got excited over the thought of the leftover breast sliced up for sandwiches. Usually whenever I cook a whole chicken, we end up wasting it and throwing that last of it away. Not this time!

My overall opinion of this product is that I am very impressed and happy with it. Although it is a lot more than I would pay for a whole chicken, it is worth it. I had to think about when you buy a whole bird, you have to trim it up, remove the giblets, wash it, dry it, season it and quite frankly handle the actual chicken. With Perdue Oven Ready Chicken, you don't have to go through all of that. It's as easy as 1. open 2. cook 3. serve! I think it is a perfect choice for when you are expecting house guests and it's even good enough for your holiday dinner! PERDUE® OVEN READY products are available in-- Whole Seasoned Roasters, Whole Seasoned Roaster Bone-In Breasts and Boneless Chicken Roasts. They retail for about $10.99-$11.99.

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COVERGIRL Blastflipstick Review #gotitfree

When I got the email that I would be receiving a few of the new COVERGIRL Blastflipsticks for review, I was so thrilled. Besides my love of all things food and cleaning products, I LOVE cosmetics! I received 3 COVERGIRL Blastflipsticks blendable lip duos in "Minx", "Stunner" and "Perky". Although all the colors were very pretty, I was really afraid they wouldn't be as pretty on me. Some of them were a bit different from my day-to-day usual colors. The only way to find out was to try them out.

I gravitated towards the Minx duo because the chocolate and bronze were calling my name! I love dark colors, especially during the colder months. I usually wear lip balm before any lip color so I started with that. I then applied the chocolate color and loved it. I flipped it over to the goldy/bronze side and swiped a little over the chocolate color. It was gorgeous! I really do prefer the look of matte lip color over creamy and I was impressed by how long it lasted. I really like the fact that you can blend the colors or wear them alone. This gives a more unique and customized look.

Since then, I have tried the other colors and really was surprised how well the lighter and brighter tones looked on me. Unfortunately both teens stole 2 of my Blastflipsticks so it looks like I will have to go buy some more. I look forward to trying the red and gold shaded called "Tease". Thankfully I received a bunch of $2 off coupons in my kit. Now I just need to see which stores have them. So far the 2 places I have checked were completely out of them! Oh, before I forget... I am still using the COVERGIRL & Olay foundation and powder and it has been wonderful! I love how smooth and moisturized my skin has been as well as the light coverage it provides.

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As a BzzAgent, I receive free product samples for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are always my own. 
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COVERGIRL and Olay Review

I received a great product package from COVERGIRL on behalf of BzzAgent. My review pack came with a COVERGIRL & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation and a COVERGIRL & Olay Pressed Powder. I have been wanting to try these products from the first time I saw them advertised in TV and magazine ads. I have always loved COVERGIRL cosmetics and have been using Olay moisturizer since I was a teenager. I figured with both brand combined, you get the best of both worlds!

Before I received my package, I had concerns about COVERGIRL having the right make-up shades to match my skin tone. I was really surprised when I saw how rich and dark enough the color was. The foundation was in Tawny (shade 165) and the powder was in medium/deep (shade 360). The 2-in-1 Foundation is supposed to help cover discoloration and age spots as well as hydrate to improve skin tone over time.

I started off with a clean face and applied a little bit of the foundation with a sponge wedge so it would be even. I didn't need much. It spread well and was not sticky or heavy. It had a fresh cosmetic scent and was not strong or irritating at all. I then swiped over some of the pressed powder to even out my skin tone. I did apply a little gold eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss to complete my look. I took a before photo but decided I didn't want to scare you all. Here is the finished look. What do you think?
My daughters were envious of how glowing and pretty my face looked. Even my husband admitted that he was admiring me from the moment he saw me. I did not feel like I was wearing any make-up at all. I really love it! I look forward to seeing how it will continue to work over time. So far, so good!

Be sure to check out COVERGIRL on Facebook to get updates on new products and promotions. If you would like a couple coupons for $2 off (expires 10/31) send me an email and I will get them mailed out to you.

I received products samples from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are completely my own.

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How chicken got me a husband (True story)

I can remember in late Summer of '91, Dwayne and I went to Miami Beach to take a dip in the ocean and have a little cook-out . We took along food, drinks and a small charcoal grill. I had pre-seasoned some chicken wings to cook on the grill. Dwayne and I were very young, so he really had not really tasted a lot of my dishes. This was the first time he would get to try my barbecued chicken wings. He took his first bite and closed his eyes. He yelled out how good it was and he was amazed at my cooking skills. He then goes on to tell me how me could totally marry me because I knew how to cook chicken. Can it get any more romantic than that? Turns out he was dead serious. The man loves his chicken cooked just right! 

Speaking of chicken, I wanted to share the latest product I tried courtesy of Lawry's and BzzAgent. It is the Lawry's Santa Fe Chili Marinade. I poured the marinade on some chicken wings and added a few dashes of garlic powder, Lawry's Seasoned Salt and some cracked black pepper. I let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour and then I cooked them in the oven using the broil/bake method. 35 minutes later we ended up with some of the best tasting chicken wings my family had ever had. I regret not cooking more of it because they were just that delicious! I highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

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I received a product samples and coupons because I'm a BzzAgent. All opinions are 100% my own.

Shelly, Mom Files
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