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How to Recover After a Breast Augmentation

In the event you are considering breast augmentation, you might want to read this guest article for some insight before you make a decision in regards to the recovery process.

Breast augmentation recovery needs patients to minimize their physical activities for about a week before resuming their daily activities. The amount of time and the downtime needed for a full recovery to take place depends on the incisions made, the implant size and if the breast implant was positioned below or above the pectoral muscle.

Breast augmentation is among the most requested cosmetic surgery, and continuous improvements are being refined so that women can undergo the procedure, recover and get back to their daily activities as soon as possible. Since the breast augmentation surgery and the results are the most crucial points, recovery is also an important step for the best results to be shown.

If you plan to go for breast augmentation, you may end up spending a good amount of time deciding on the surgeon to go for with the budget you have. These are important aspects of the surgery that should be considered, but you should also plan for the amount of time you need to take from work to heal in a good environment as you avoid any strenuous activity.

As you take your break, you need to be aware that you will not be seated or sleep for the entire week; you are allowed to do some small less strenuous activities, but you should also be careful to ensure that any activity you are taking will contribute positively to your recovery process.

If you are planning to get breast enhancement, you need to spend a good time studying about the surgery and the recovery timelines. Once you are aware of what to expect, and you prepare to follow the instructions of the surgeon, you will have a great chance of maximizing the chances of a great surgery that will give you satisfaction and confidence in your looks.

Subglandular versus submuscular placement

The position of the breast implant always revolves around two regions, below or above the pectoral muscle. This position is also dependent on the goals, lifestyle and other factors. The most invasive of the surgeries is the submuscular placement because this method requires the separation of the pectoral muscle for the implant to fit after the incision on the skin is done.

Submuscular placement is the recommended position for women who are not into physical activities that engage the upper body and women who also desire natural looks. As we have described, submuscular placement is invasive, and it requires downtime of about one week from any physical activity like jogging. After the week is over, the patient should avoid going to the gym or lifting any heavy object for about four weeks. But for patients who go for subglandular placement, they can get back to work after four days of rest.

Depending on the implant placement, healing garments also contribute to the rate of recovery. For instance, patients who have undergone submuscular placement should put on a 2-inch wrap bandage above the breast. Once the surgery is done, the implant will start to harmonize with the breast tissues and the muscles to gain a more natural appearance.

You might be shocked when you notice that your breasts are high even after a few weeks of surgery, especially if you have undergone submuscular placement. It is possible for the breasts to look high for a long period (2 to 3 months), but after the muscle traps the implant at this position, it will release it to fall into the pocket with time.

After a subglandular placement, the patient should wear a conventional bra that does not have an under-wire that hinders the implant falling into place. Take note of the position of the incision, because it plays a role in the recovery process.

Incision location

The first kind of incision we are going to look at is the inframammary incision which is done at the crease located at the bottom of the breast where the chest wall and the lower breast protrusion takes place. If this is the best position for the implant to be positioned, then you be advised to rest for at least four weeks before resuming your daily activities that involve the upper body.

During the recovery period, you should avoid lifting your arms over your head to avoid any strain from impacting the upper body, to allow proper healing to take place.

There are other incisions that do not need a lot of time for recovery. For instance, if the implant is placed through an incision that is done around the nipple, there is practically no body movement or strenuous activity that directly targets this location. An incision procedure that produces the last scarring is called a TUBA (transumbilical) placement.

In TUBA placement, an endoscope which is a surgical tool that has a thin pliable tube with a small camera on its end is used to place a deflated saline implant in the navel, through the incision made. A saline solution is added to the implant for it to get to the desired size.

The size of the implant

There are various sizes of breast implants, ranging from women who desire a huge burst, to women who want to achieve moderate alignment and any other size in between. The size you choose affects the recovery duration. For instance, larger implants exert a lot of pressure below the pectoral muscle, leading to stretching of the overlying skin. The net effect is a recovery that takes longer.

Do not smoke

We should all be aware that smoking tobacco has a lasting negative effect on our health. But it gets worse if you are smoking while going through a recovery that follows a breast implant surgery. Nicotine shrinks the blood vessels, which lowers the oxygen levels in the body organs. Since cells have to divide for the wounds to heal, they require oxygen which is delayed when you are smoking.


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