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Jun 27, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday Papo!!

On Thursday June 26th, Dwayne celebrated his 35th birthday. We stayed in and had a nice dinner and drinks. We got a small cake since his office is throwing a luncheon for him today. We don't want to be caked out. Here are a few photos...

Wait a minute...did you think this was supposed to be all about daddy?

Papo and William make a wish.

I thought about baking a homemade milk chocolate cake with yummy cream cheese icing topped off with a few chocolate curls. As you can see I went the smart way~!

Papo and his babies. Of course I would be the one across from them taking the photo.


Jun 25, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Well, we have neglected our Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesdays so let's get things back up and running. Let's complain away!!

  • I hate it when people that call themselves your "friend" only call when they want to borrow something. Then when they borrow it, they forget it does not belong to them but act like it does. Then you have to borrow your own stuff back!

  • I hate it when a certain hubby (not saying any names) does not know how to take his socks off without them turning inside out. Then when it is time to do laundry I get the pleasure of turning them the correct side out.

  • I hate it when the kids say "oh, I didn't hear you" or "I don't know".

  • I still hate it when people call diapers 'pampers'.

  • I still hate people that talk on the cellphone and drive like crap.

  • I hate it when family members and personal friends tell me or email about my blog and never leave an actual comment. Uh, hello...that is what the comment section is for!

What bugs you? Hit us up in the comments!


Jun 20, 2008

Brontosaurus Soap??

This morning Dwayne gets out of the shower and calls me to the room frantically. I am thinking maybe he did not have a towel or ran out of toilet paper. Instead he was asking me what the heck was in our shower. He said it looks like Brontosaurus soap! LOL!! I got this awesome scented soap as a gift from a friend and thought I would try it out. Would you believe this soap weighs in at 12 ounces?! Look at an average full sized bar of soap (just put in this morning) next to my bronto soap. It fits in your hands like a big russet baking potato. Funny thing is the box it came in says it is 100% pure vegetable based soap. That's one bar of soap that would scare me if I dropped it! I swear it would probably break a toe!


Jun 19, 2008

William update- 3 months old today

Well, my little baby is getting to be my very big baby. William has grown so much in the past few months. He is about 14 pounds and can eat like his daddy! He sleeps through the night (8-10 hours) and is a very happy and sweet little boy. He LOVES to go out to the stores with Bawbi (me) and his sissies. He is all grins and giggles when all the ladies are telling him how adorable he is. When he wakes up in the morning he is all smiles and "talks" to you. He enjoys batting his chubby little hands at his toys and likes to watch the Baby Einstein DVDs. We all are so crazy about him and he never goes without attention. His sisters are so good with him and they will go and pick him up just to squeeze him and kiss those sweet cheeks. Believe me, the cheeks are indeed edible! I want him to stay this age for longer :-[ Our family is so blessed to have this wonderful little guy around. Now one thing I do look forward to is when he gets out of the carseat/carrier... he is SO heavy! Some days I almost want another little one for him to have a sibling close in age to grow up with, and then I wake the heck up! I love you William!!!

Jun 18, 2008

Jun 13, 2008


I really hate Blogger. My blog is not looking the way it is supposed to. I do not know what happened. Please excuse it for now and hopefully I can get it fixed soon.

On another note, Chardie comes home tonight. Briahnna has big plans for her sister. She wants ME to cook (on my day off) some pasta Alfredo with shrimp, make a dessert, and buy a few of her favorite snacks to welcome her home. What a generous sister huh? So needless to say, I will be busy preparing all of this. We also plan for her best friend to greet her as she walks off the bus. I know Chardie will be very surprised and happy to be home. Who am I kidding, she probably enjoyed being away from home!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Jun 11, 2008

Blog Under Construction

I woke up today and realized it was time for a change. I was getting tired of the way my original blog layout was looking and wanted something totally different and new. I still have a few (okay maybe 20) kinks to work out to get things fully functional. I am not even sure I will keep this layout. I am having a lot of problems with Blogger and between fixing the blog and taking care of kids, I am not getting as far as I would like. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the new look. I am glad my hubby has got some skills with html's cause he is helping me. Thanks, Dwayne!!!


Jun 10, 2008

Sad day, Happy day

Our Chardonnay left yesterday morning for her end of the year school trip to Washington DC. She will be gone until Friday evening. I had plenty of time (the entire school year) to prepare mentally. I think we barely slept Sunday night anticipating seeing our daughter off on her first very big trip away from home. Briahnna cried so badly on Sunday and said she will really miss her sister. I had to hold it together so I would not break down and make it worse for little sis.
I snapped this photo right before we left the house to drop our big girl off to where the tour buses were waiting.

Here's the crew saying "see ya later" to Chardie. Dwayne always asks me why I am never in any photos. Well, perhaps because I am always the one taking them?! Chardie's eyes suddenly turned red and some big tears dropped down her face. All the other families were "awwing" because no other child expressed that type of emotion. We all held it together and encouraged her to have the time of her life. (As long as you she followed my 1001 rules that I made her a hard copy of to take and study...kidding!)
I told another parent, "when that bus takes off, the tears will have dried up". Here's her bus driver. He was so sweet and assured us that their days are so jam packed with tours and events that they will be too worn out to get into any trouble.
We got a call at 10:15 last night from her thanking us for letting her go on this trip and that she was indeed having the time of her life. I am so excited that she is getting to have this experience. We can't wait to hear all the details when she gets home. I really miss her, but I'm so happy for her at the same time.


Jun 6, 2008

My other son

Here's my sweet little Milo taking some time to relax on the front porch. He spends most of the day resting, snuggling, playing and very importantly, protecting the family. Doesn't he look tough? Okay fine, maybe he looks like a sweet little softy but he really is a good dog (shhh, nobody must tell him he is actually a dog). He is very gentle with his baby brother and really never gets in any trouble. I think he listens better than the rest of the family! My father-in-law says that Milo lives in the lap of luxury and would not be able to survive if he had to live a dog's life. Sadly it is true. I am ashamed to admit this but for the first month of William's life, I called him Milo. It took a while to etch 'William' into my head! I just love my other little son Milo!!

**I'm sure the question will be asked...What kind of dog is he? He is a pure bred long coat Chihuahua.
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