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Brontosaurus Soap??

This morning Dwayne gets out of the shower and calls me to the room frantically. I am thinking maybe he did not have a towel or ran out of toilet paper. Instead he was asking me what the heck was in our shower. He said it looks like Brontosaurus soap! LOL!! I got this awesome scented soap as a gift from a friend and thought I would try it out. Would you believe this soap weighs in at 12 ounces?! Look at an average full sized bar of soap (just put in this morning) next to my bronto soap. It fits in your hands like a big russet baking potato. Funny thing is the box it came in says it is 100% pure vegetable based soap. That's one bar of soap that would scare me if I dropped it! I swear it would probably break a toe!



  1. Don't drop the soap!

    Nevermind. Inside joke! ;)

  2. that is one helluva soap!

  3. Your soap is like ROAR!!!!!!!LOL! I love random moments like these!


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