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Happy 35th Birthday Papo!!

On Thursday June 26th, Dwayne celebrated his 35th birthday. We stayed in and had a nice dinner and drinks. We got a small cake since his office is throwing a luncheon for him today. We don't want to be caked out. Here are a few photos...

Wait a minute...did you think this was supposed to be all about daddy?

Papo and William make a wish.

I thought about baking a homemade milk chocolate cake with yummy cream cheese icing topped off with a few chocolate curls. As you can see I went the smart way~!

Papo and his babies. Of course I would be the one across from them taking the photo.



  1. Whoa, Papo looks like he had a good time! Happy Birthday Dwayne!!

  2. Happy burfday Papo!

    Sheliza, you have a beautiful family!!! P.S. I can pimp out your blog, I noticed you were having some trouble, lol. I'm going to be doing Tanyetta's Edit too.

  3. Hi, I decided to come out of lurk mode. That's such a nice photo of your beautiful family. From pic #2, your little man looks as if he wants to dig into that cake.

  4. Happy Birthday, Dwayne! He looks like such a proud papa. :)

  5. Happy belated birthday to Dwayne! Your baby is so chubby, just wish could hug him!


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