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I really hate Blogger. My blog is not looking the way it is supposed to. I do not know what happened. Please excuse it for now and hopefully I can get it fixed soon.

On another note, Chardie comes home tonight. Briahnna has big plans for her sister. She wants ME to cook (on my day off) some pasta Alfredo with shrimp, make a dessert, and buy a few of her favorite snacks to welcome her home. What a generous sister huh? So needless to say, I will be busy preparing all of this. We also plan for her best friend to greet her as she walks off the bus. I know Chardie will be very surprised and happy to be home. Who am I kidding, she probably enjoyed being away from home!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Chardie!!

    Welcome home. You were MISSED! Please take pics mom!

    p.s. I liked the other template. Was that blogger?

  2. Hi - I'm Jena - I live in Texas I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing, but enjoy checking out other family blogs. Just stopping by to say Hi..


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