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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Well, we have neglected our Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesdays so let's get things back up and running. Let's complain away!!

  • I hate it when people that call themselves your "friend" only call when they want to borrow something. Then when they borrow it, they forget it does not belong to them but act like it does. Then you have to borrow your own stuff back!

  • I hate it when a certain hubby (not saying any names) does not know how to take his socks off without them turning inside out. Then when it is time to do laundry I get the pleasure of turning them the correct side out.

  • I hate it when the kids say "oh, I didn't hear you" or "I don't know".

  • I still hate it when people call diapers 'pampers'.

  • I still hate people that talk on the cellphone and drive like crap.

  • I hate it when family members and personal friends tell me or email about my blog and never leave an actual comment. Uh, hello...that is what the comment section is for!

What bugs you? Hit us up in the comments!


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  1. Dontcha hate when people that are supposed to be your friend, sends you a menu that makes YOU lose YOUR lunch!

    Yeah, me too! LOL!


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