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Jan 31, 2008

Daddy's the man!

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!! Instead of purchasing gifts for each other, we decided to get baby stuff instead. Here is Daddy working diligently to put together the changing table (which I bought on clearance at 50% off!!!!). He looks like a BIG ole kid!

Of course he has to do his Super Dad pose to show off his hard work. Boy, you sure can hurt yourself with the tools they provide inside the box for you!

Jan 29, 2008

Open And Honest Follow Up

All of my wife's friends are soooo supportive. This blog is a wonderful tool to bring together people from all over that really bring joy to our lives. I am so happy about the connections my wife and I have made through blogs. I get so excited when my wife tells me that was Tanyetta, or Shelliza's on the line, or I got a great email today from my friend so and so. It has been a long time for my wife to be happy with her own circle of girlfriends.

Beenzzz , has called it right when she says people will be all up in your business when it comes to having a baby.
I had to get at someone who thought it was her right on earth to convince my wife to breastfeed. Like she was the one who laid down with me and was having my baby. I was trying to be patient with her, but I don't play when it comes to upsetting my wife. That is my heart, pride, and joy. If any one wants drama with me, mess with Shelly and we can get the drama poppin'.

Then someone else wants to talk about Shell pushing the baby out V-Back and it should be no problem. Like she had a copy of my wife's medical records in front of her, and was qualified to make that decision.

Anyways, To all our friends, who are with us in this journey. Don't pay any attention to my prior post. We love yall like true family. Shelliza, give Shell a call and she will fill you in. Tanyetta, tell DJ, I am putting on my best suit on flight day, so he better go shopping. Ha Ha Ha

Take care Yall - Peace. Old school sytle - I am Audi 5000.

Dwayne aka Ismail the Great

Jan 27, 2008

OPEN & HONEST Communication

In the sprit of open and honest communication,
  1. IF YOU, have a problem that we have named our son William Anthony Ismail .... SO WHAT

  2. IF YOU, are upset that my wife is having a C-Section instead of a V-Back..... SO WHAT

  3. IF YOU, are upset that the sky is not as blue as you want it to be ...... SO WHAT

We are Happy. That's right WE are HAPPY. I recommend YOU find a way to make Yourself Happy in your own life.

We are flying to the moon and we shall dance among the stars.

You can come along for the ride or watch from a far.

The choice is yours.


Dwayne aka Ismail The Great


Jan 21, 2008

Sisters with style

Here are our beautiful girls showing off their Vera Bradley purses. Chardonnay saved $40 to buy little sister Briahnna her very first Vera Bradley. My hubby likes to call it an 'overpriced quilt with a zipper'. I must admit they are very pricey and they look like an old ladies kinda bag, but they are the big thing amongst the girls and teens today. I am not a big fan of them myself, but I am sure I was into some tacky stuff in my time as well!


Baby news

Hey y'all! I just wanted to give you a quick update on my pregnancy. I know it has been a couple weeks since I posted. Let's just say that having babies in your early 20's and then one when you are 34 make you realize you feel a lot more in your older age. I have been getting extremely tired and have been taking extra time to rest and take care of myself. My computer is downstairs and this means me having to make several extra trips that wear me out! My laptop has officially died on me so I am hoping my wonderful husband will purchase a wireless card to put in one of the desktops so I can have it upstairs with an internet connection. (*hint, hint)

I went to see the doc this morning for my routine visit. I am now almost 30 weeks along. We have chosen to have a c-section with this baby since I had one with my last child. Our delivery date is set to welcome William into the world on March 19! I chose this time because my kids will be off from school for Spring Break and I sure could use their helping hands during my first week of recovery. They are so thrilled and can't wait to see their new baby brother. I will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and the whole family will attend. I am doing so well and I thank you all for your prayers and well wishes during this amazing journey.

Jan 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Can you tell I needed a new microwave?


Jan 8, 2008

Happy Hour Addiction

I know what you are all thinking... No I am not abusing alcohol during pregnancy.
It's another beverage of choice.
Sonic Slushes!! I take the girls after school several times per week as a treat. I do not know how much longer they are having this promotion, but I intend to have my share each week!


Jan 7, 2008

We found a baby name

I wanted to let you all know that we have finally settled on a name for our baby boy. Our first choice was Dwayne Anthony Ismail II. After careful consideration of the following things, we (I) said no...
  1. If I have to call the name Dwayne for two members in my household, I will lose it!
  2. Dwayne (daddy) gets in the most trouble in the house so I do not want to yell at Dwayne and the poor baby thinks he is the one in trouble.
  3. 2 Dwaynes???? Oh no way! I will have to be committed somewhere or heavily medicated!

We played around with names and I kept picking very standard and simple names that would hold up well in the corporate world. Daddy on the other hand picked interesting names like "Shabazz", "Jehovah", "Josiah" and a variety of others that could potentially cause the boy to have trouble boarding a plane! The girls and I came up with William Anthony Ismail. There is no way you can mess that up. Dwayne was against it for a while but the name has grown on him and he refers to our baby now as William or Will. So we have decided to go with that.

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