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Jan 21, 2008

Sisters with style

Here are our beautiful girls showing off their Vera Bradley purses. Chardonnay saved $40 to buy little sister Briahnna her very first Vera Bradley. My hubby likes to call it an 'overpriced quilt with a zipper'. I must admit they are very pricey and they look like an old ladies kinda bag, but they are the big thing amongst the girls and teens today. I am not a big fan of them myself, but I am sure I was into some tacky stuff in my time as well!



  1. The girls look so cute! And, I have to agree with Dwayne.

  2. They are hapy, that's all that matters ;) ANd wait, a big sis saved to do something nice for a little sis?! Wow, I wish my boys did things like that for each other!

  3. Cute purses. I better keep that website away from Z!

  4. Stylin' and profilin'...

  5. Aww how sweet! Those purses are cute but I agree with Dwayne too, hehe. I didn't know teens were in to them. I thought it was a middle aged/mom thing. Forgive me! *chuckle*

    I'd rock them!

  6. First of all, the fact that big sis SAVED money of her OWN to buy a present for sister warms my heart.

    I LOVE this on so many levels.

  7. Ok so I'm back commenting on this post have given me Vera Bradley-itis! I'm searching for a tote or duffle bag now!


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