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Daddy's the man!

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!! Instead of purchasing gifts for each other, we decided to get baby stuff instead. Here is Daddy working diligently to put together the changing table (which I bought on clearance at 50% off!!!!). He looks like a BIG ole kid!

Of course he has to do his Super Dad pose to show off his hard work. Boy, you sure can hurt yourself with the tools they provide inside the box for you!


  1. ha funny. Don't you just love how proud they get of themselves?? As if we don't do those same things everyday...


    Congratulations on 14 years!!

  2. He cracks me up! Love the new changing table.

  3. congrats!!!!!!! 14 beautiful years. wishing you many many more!

    look at him! setting up that changing table. he so "skrong"! :)

  4. 14th years, congrats! And where did you get that table? I want one lol


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