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OPEN & HONEST Communication

In the sprit of open and honest communication,
  1. IF YOU, have a problem that we have named our son William Anthony Ismail .... SO WHAT

  2. IF YOU, are upset that my wife is having a C-Section instead of a V-Back..... SO WHAT

  3. IF YOU, are upset that the sky is not as blue as you want it to be ...... SO WHAT

We are Happy. That's right WE are HAPPY. I recommend YOU find a way to make Yourself Happy in your own life.

We are flying to the moon and we shall dance among the stars.

You can come along for the ride or watch from a far.

The choice is yours.


Dwayne aka Ismail The Great



  1. Daddy has SPOKEN!

    I am NOT mad at him.

    It needed to be said and I'm sure there will be more added to the list.

    Just wait until Anthony is born. Just wait!

    What?????????????? you're not breastfeeding? What??????????? you're not co-sleeping?

    Oh yes, brace yourselves, it's coming and I have a feeling once they read this, they will go and sit down somewhere! LOL

    Love ya'll....I am here for the ride on the moon.

  2. Sounds like Daddy is mad! Don't you just love it when people get all up in your business when you're having a baby? I'm surprised I didn't have a nervous breakdown from in my ninth month.

  3. I had to come back and read this again! the nerve of foke tryin' to be all up in the business!!!!!!! humph! got me all worked up over here! you know who loves you!!!


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